5 Things To Do When You’re Struggling with Faith Doubts

5 Things To Do When You're Struggling With Faith Doubts

I recently received an email from a blog reader who said she is struggling with so many doubts, she doesn’t think her faith will survive. She asked for advice on what to do because, while she would still “love to believe,” she feels she can’t anymore.

I’ve received similar emails periodically since starting my blog and I always feel a sense of dread in responding. Though I have a strong faith now, it was hard fought. It’s never been easy for me to “just” believe. I know first-hand how difficult times of doubt are and how complex the questions can be. So, when I receive these emails, I usually stare blankly at my screen wondering where to even begin with a response.

While every person’s faith crisis is unique, over time I’ve realized that I regularly come back to the following pieces of advice. I wanted to share them with you today. Here are 5 things to do if you’re struggling with doubts about Christianity.


1. Search your doubt to find its root.


If you’re where I was for a long time, doubt has become a large ball of tangled spiritual yarn in your mind; you don’t even know how to begin unraveling it to a place of spiritual comfort. Feeling like there is no resolution can leave you depressed and even angry.

Here’s some hope. In my experience, and the experience of others I’ve talked to, there is usually something that is at the core of your doubt, and most other doubts stem from it. If you can identify that core problem, it will help narrow your spiritual searching.

For example, many people have a long list of “why would God…” questions (fill in the blank: allow evil, command genocide, not permit homosexual behavior, remain so hidden, etc.). Collectively, those questions may seem too weighty to resolve. But at the root of them all is often a nagging feeling that God must not really exist if He is so hard to understand.

In this case, I would suggest studying the evidence for God’s existence rather than diving into answers for every individual question in the ball of yarn. Once you are fully convicted of His existence, you can come back to your questions with a fresh look that is focused on gaining understanding rather than on proving to yourself that God makes sense. That can make all the difference in the world.


2. Explicitly identify your alternative to Christianity.


It’s pretty easy to sit back and name your doubts about Christianity. Faith is often tough, and even the strongest Christians have unresolved questions about their beliefs. But most people struggling with Christianity never take the next mental step to ask, “If I decide Christianity is NOT true, what will I then believe?”

For some, it’s Christianity or atheism. If you don’t believe in Jesus, you’re not going to believe there’s a God at all. If that’s you, explicitly consider what you would have to believe as an atheist: the universe has always existed (or created itself), life arose from unconscious matter by chance, there’s no basis for calling anything good or evil and there’s no objective purpose for your existence. (If atheism is your alternative to Christianity, my book, Talking with Your Kids about God, will help you think through the evidence for God’s existence and how the atheistic and Christian worldviews compare. It’s written to equip parents with this understanding, but it’s appropriate for any adult.)

For others, it’s Christianity or some form of personalized spirituality where you pick and choose the beliefs that make sense to you. If that’s you, explicitly consider what that alternative means: you will effectively be deciding that you are the ultimate arbiter of truth, standing above all world religions with your personal selection of beliefs. You may feel comfortable with that, but it should raise some red flags if you’re honest with yourself about those implications.

If you’ve never considered what exactly you would believe if you reject Christianity, take the time to think it through. You’ll see that there will be discomforts with and questions about your new beliefs too.


3. Evaluate your unmet expectations.


Radio host and author Dennis Prager once pointed out that unmet expectations are the source of all unhappiness. This powerful insight has stuck with me ever since. Our expectations can be a serious problem when it comes to faith. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What unmet expectations do I have about Christianity? For example, do you expect that if you’re a good person, bad things won’t happen to you? Do you expect that you’ll see answered prayers more often? Do you expect Christians around you to be better people?
  • What does the Bible say about that expectation? Don’t rely on what you think you know the Bible says about it – it’s possible you have a misunderstanding that is the source of the problem. Sit down and really study what the Bible says about it.
  • How does my expectation compare to what the Bible says I should expect? It’s this gap between your answers to questions 1 and 2 that can give you insight into your faith challenges. Often what we find is that we have expectations that don’t line up with the reality of what the Bible says. We may not like the way God does things, but that doesn’t make Christianity untrue.


4. Be honest with yourself about the nature of truth.


Truth doesn’t depend on what you like or on what makes most sense to you personally. Truth is something you have to commit to seeking outside of yourself. The wonderful thing about Christianity is that its truth hinges on a single event: Jesus’ resurrection. Any Christian who is struggling should read The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus and/or Cold Case Christianity to get grounded in the historical evidence for the truth of Christianity. For a broad overview of the evidence for the truth of Christianity and responses to challenges, see my first book Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith. For a deeper look at the evidence for God’s existence and questions about science and God, see my second book, Talking with Your Kids about God.


5. Pray.


When you’re struggling to believe, prayer feels almost impossible – it’s the last thing you want to do because you’re doubting God is even there. But it’s more important than ever to ask God to illuminate His truth for you when you’re at that point – especially through reading the Bible. Push through the doubt and pray that He will guide you to the understanding you need.



I wrote this post about a year and a half ago, but it’s become a very popular landing page for people searching about faith doubts online (about 2,400 people land here each month from such a search!). Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I can’t reply to each comment left below. However, I wanted to update this post with a note about an EXCELLENT book that came out last year that will really help you think through your doubts. It’s called “Doubting Toward Faith: The Journey to Confident Christianity” and it’s written by Pastor Bobby Conway. This is a really wonderful, easy to read book that I highly recommend to adults or teens struggling in this area.

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  1. Excellent post, I heartily agree with every point.

    #2 brings to mind a favourite verse of mine:

    “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve.

    Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.” John 6:67-69:

    Faith is not always easy, but no other worldview or belief system has ever presented itself as even remotely viable or reasonable to me. Although some days I feel like I understand nothing, all I can do is concur with the apostles and say “Where else shall I go?” The alternatives to Jesus do not even come close to his “words of eternal life.”

    This is also a great article about doubt:


    1. Yeah that’s what gets me through sometimes. Tho, at the moment, I’ve really lost my joy and hope that Jesus provides, and therefore often have that poking in the back of my head saying “I don’t want to be a christian anymore”. BUT, yes, where else to go, nowhere!

      Can anyone help me out? I’m really struggling to rely on faith and NOT emotion to get me through at the moment 🙁


      1. Hi Hannah, thank you for posting something like this cause I feel like this too. I’m 16, but I’m afraid i can’t rely on faith too. But I’ve realized faith is a very difficult thing to keep, there’s a quote that says faith is like a flower of light in a field of darkness. Whatever your going through have faith, because God will never leave you nor will he foresake you. Even if you have lost your joy now I’m sure God will pick you up and make you into and even greater person than you were once before. I should be thanking you to because reading your comment made me a little happy to know that I’m not alone feeling like that. And I also felt like God wanted me to tell you that He’s there for you. It’s totally a hard thing being a Christian but just know that we Christians walk by faith and not by sight. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you feel better. 🙂

  2. I know God exists because the Universe is rational.

    I also know God exists because evil exists.

    1. I’ve been studying the bible for you i’ve been studying the bible for many years this time I start to lift and I’ve been doing it for a full 12 months, I want desperately to believe in God I haven’t given up certain things in my life and I am following the Bible standards, now I found myself in the position my elder and the guy that does my Bible study with me at angry because I still don’t believe in hi my elder and the guy that does my Bible study with me at angry because I still don’t believe in God. I do not choose to believe in him because I wanted more than anything so why do I not believe in him

      1. Linda, I’m sorry they get angry at you. They shouldn’t be angry at all. It took me almost two years to fully accept Christ as my savior. I just kept going to church and reading the Bible. Believing in God doesn’t happen overnight. I pray that you keep seeking Him. He loves you and you can go to him as you are. Listening to songs about Jesus also helps. I listen to the radio station “Air1” and “K-LOVE” on the internet.

        1. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be opened. My question to you would be, are you counting the cost of following Christ. Every promise in the Bible is conditional. Even what I opened my comment with. We must seek him whole heartedly. He has given us His word, which is forever settled in heaven. He has given His life for our sins. What more can He give us? I’ve heard the statement “why doesn’t God just reveal Himself to us?” He did, as Jesus, in human form, yet we still struggle to believe. We have historical facts that prove he existed on the earth, year we still struggle. Why do you think we struggle with faith? Because faith in God is worth fighting for. How many times do you hear someone say “I’m just struggling to believe in Buddha, or Islam etc…” Its because there is an enemy to faith in Christ. We have to step out in faith as a child, admit our imperfections and failure, and repent of our sins. Salvation is conditional upon repentance. God does expect us to give up the things that hinder our walk with Him. Christ puts His spirit within us to combat the temptation to fall back into our own ways. Listen, we have all had doubts. Thomas doubted. When he doubted, Jesus didn’t get angry with him and scold him. No, he took Thomas hand in His and put his fingers in His scarred hands. That is a beautiful illustration of God helping one who wanted to believe to believe. God is not slack concerning His promises. When my faith reached its lowest and som many things seemed to be called into question, I opened Gods word and the first scripture I came upon dissolved all doubt. If you seek Him, wholeheartedly, He will not let you down. If there is any sin you are holding onto, confess it to the Lord, lay it down at His feet, and ask for His help. This will open the door to Him being able to help you grow in the faith. When them enemy hits you with doubt, ask God for help, go to His word. Lord I believe, Help my unbelief. Make sure you are attending a church regularly, on that preaches God’s word in truth. If you haven’t found that place, ask God to lead you to it. He will. God loves you, Christ took your failures to the cross before you were ever born, and the Holy Spirit will convict, guide and comfort you. God is love. We would not experience love at all if someone had not placed it within us. That being responsible for such a gift is God almighty and His love is endless and His mercy endureth forever.

  3. I agree with looking for the roots of the problem. Coming from a dysfunctional family, I was born into doubt about God, doubting the Bible. The time came, however, when I had to confront my doubts. Once the spiritual roots (coming from the devil) have been destroyed, I could sit down and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me concerning the Bible: Is it the truth or not? It took some time, and some hard study, but the results were phenomenal. Not once did the Holy Spirit not answer my questions. Today I am thoroughly convinced about God’s Word, it is the Holy Spirit inspired truth.

  4. So true. Great, clear advice. You neatly summed up my journey with doubts also. I would also tell her that doubts are normal and nothing to be terrified of, if we let it push us closer to truth and to God instead of just giving up just because we are confused or hurt.

    I have often found that I have to sit with a doubt for a long time, examining it closely to seperate out the truth from the lie and my expectations from reality, before I can move to a place of acceptance and contentment.

    We all have doubts at one time or another, and those of us who have been hurt in the past may have more than others because we struggle with negative views of ourselves and how God could really love us. It is so important to consciously identify and work through these instead of of wallowing in them and letting them swallow us whole. It takes time, effort, and thought. But when you get through them, your faith is stronger for it.

    Please share my blogs with her – sweetlybrokengirl.blogspot.com and myimpressionisticlife.blogspot.com. Not that I have the answers or anything, but I share honestly about my doubts and fears and self-esteem struggles, even after being a Christian for almost 3 decades. And as Nadine says above, it always comes back to “Lord, to whom shall I go? You have the words of eternal life.” I have walked with Him far too long to ever be able to let any doubt destroy my faith in Him. But I had to face many doubts and fears to get to this point. Tell her to give it time. Facing doubts is just a necessary step on the journey to Truth.

    1. I really got a lot from reading this comment and I identify with the way you deal with doubts. You also reminded me of a simple yet profound revelation I have experienced, that is that “pain is the catalyst of change”.
      I often have to walk through a degree of pain, whether emotional, spiritual or physical, before I’m blessed.
      Thank you for your comment.
      bless you

    2. For the last eight months i’ve been going through doubts on my faith questioning if I really accepted Jesus as my savior,then questioning if God exists? Two years ago after going through severe anxiety attacks and turning to things that made it worse for five years I went back to church and then one day while in my room crying I got on my knees asking God’s forgiveness and that I need him and want my life to change and thought I asked Jesus to come into my life I struggle constantly did I ask Jesus into my heart? I plainly remember when I did get on my knees that night the anxiety lifted off and I felt like I was on top of the world overwhelmed with happiness looking up to the sky praising God thanking him. But since eight months ago since I’ve had these questions running through my mind and questioning my salvation,then Jesus,then God and now my faith. I’m depressed with severe anxiety i’m scared to hear preaching now or when someone talks about verses out of the bible and I can’t even get in my bible to read.I want so much to have that confidence back I had for God and I don’t want to give up either!

      1. Hi, I’ve been having the same problem. I thought I was saved but I’m constantly wondering if I really trust Christ, if I really accepted him, of I really believe….it is agonizing. And I don’t know what to do anymore.

        1. Hello,
          I know this post is old, but I felt like God was calling me to comment. I also struggle with anxiety mostly on the Bible and faith. I once read a quote about people who worry the most about not being good enough are usually better off. When you know that you need Jesus that’s a good thing! Also, the devil uses our insecurities to pull us away from God. The closer you get the harder he tries to pull. Why should he care about people who don’t believe, they have no hope. Also know that anxiety does not define you, and I believe that it can be used as a gift from God. Yes, I have struggled but I come out in the end being stronger. When I doubt, I research and I refuse to not believe. I usually think “okay God what are you trying to tell me?” Growing up my mom showed me this verse that has helped me rationalize my anxiety:
          Isaiah 48:10
          See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.

      2. Hi Holly,

        I don’t want to sound presumptuous or anything, but is it possible that, in addition to anxiety and depression, you also have OCD? I learned only a few months ago that I do, and one form that OCD takes in some people is targeting your faith. For some people, you doubt God’s existence, or your salvation, or if you can ever really be forgiven, etc, etc, etc. Not a lot of people know that religious OCD exists (it’s also known as scrupulosity), but maybe it’d be something to look into? I do think that doubts are normal, but I think that, if they’re consuming you and if you struggle with them for an extended period of time and the traditional prayer/Bible reading doesn’t help, then maybe it’s got a physical cause.

        Just something to think about, and I hope you’re doing better!

        1. This is so true! I have been struggling and came to my own conclusion that maybe I do have some kind of OCD because I can’t just let this go like I normally would. Thank you for bringing this up. Not sure if you will see this since this post is a few years old.

        2. I’m so glad so.eone mention ed this. OCD is such a misunderstood diagnosis. Martin Luther likely had it, as well as other famous pastors. It’s good that the Christian community is start I g to acknowledge mental illness for what it truly is. God bless everyone, and may the Holy Spirit co time to guide us all closer to God.

      3. Holly, how have you been? It seems like you have accepted Jesus as your savior. Only He would know. I went through a similar experience as you did when I first accepted Jesus. I got down on my knees and cried. I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough, but He can fix me. I cried and prayed about my sins. After that, it felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders. I felt so free and started to have compassion towards people (something I didn’t have before). What makes you scared of reading the Bible? Praying for you.

      4. Hi holly , I know that this post is old but,I too felt the need to comment. I went through something similar… I had been walking with christ for 7 years and vibrant solid in my faith in my convictions..bold with his word and very active at church…I was enjoying Jesus Christ his presence strong in my life…i never experienced even a day of doubting his word..i have been hit with some doozies in my life..where I doubted if things in my life regarding those hard situations..would get better…but I NEVER doubted gods love or just him…then at about my 7 years with christ…my son was going through something terrible and my husband was going through many things….i began to do what I knew to do….fight in prayer…and I had everyone praying daily…..and then BAM…just like that my mind starting to attack me…i have never had any mental problems to attribute this to NOTHING that I could point to…thoughts that were crazy began to almost imprison me to believing so many things…from one day to the next…i was scared..terror like no other…., it was literally like i had gods presence stripped…that feeling of security just ripped right out from beneath me, again im not actively outwardly doing anything sinful…this was in my mind…i was trapped this began what was only the beginning of a hard journey in my christian life…that was much harder because unlike all other things in my life…my faith and gods presence were what was effected..these two my faith and gods presence were embedded in my life..we were one…this was attacked..my one true love..my god my relationship with him…began to feel almost instantaneously severed..and i guess what was there all along with this fear..was…DOUBT…i guess I had it in me the whole time..i just never got pushed hard enough to expose it….once doubt and fear had a hold on me..i felt myself drowning….doubting everything..my self control.my salvation.my own mind.my thoughts….i started a womens prayer group at my church almost immediately…not because it was on our goals list at church ..but because if i didn’t pray or have my family of god with me i knew this was going to be much harder. ..thats when the body of christ…became way more important than ever in my life…thanks be to god that I knew and loved and have walked with these people for years…because i knew that I needed to confess everything in my head and I needed to be read the bible to and literally walked through everything…like a fragile invalid……just like you the stronger doubt and fear came..i couldn’t even touch my bible…i was afraid of everything…i knew i had to read..everytime I did it ..it felt like every passage was sending me straight to hell…..i knew this was strange because..a month ago this was not my spiritual life.. my pastor pointed out to me that this was a spiritual attack…AND that was the beginning of my journey out of this tunnel….hang in their..i have learned so many things about this situation…hang in their holly…now is a time of obedience to gods word it all you have …HE is allowing you to experience him..not with emotion but with his word….and remember john 1 …jesus is the word….even if it burns you or confess you…..you are fighting your old nature…the only way to kill that sucker is to read the word of god..if you can’t do it tell your godly friends to do it..fight fight fight…our enemy fights us daily..and our flesh needs to be put to death….now is a time of obedience…do what is right..its proof of who you are in christ…do it sister do it…faith without works is dead…you know its right to stay with christ…the feeling of HIS presence will return..even for a few moments…and he leaves you wanting more….we are MATURING in christ…being transformed.praise God girl.JESUS is KING. The same power that raised him from the dead lives in you.

        1. Thank you so much for this comment. I feel like I’ve been under a similar spiritual attack of doubt and anger at myself for such doubt etc. It’s so encouraging to see that it will end, and that you will ultimately come out with a stronger faith in the end.
          Sometimes I feel almost alone in these struggles, and like a failure. So thank you for the reminder that it can be overcome.

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  6. #3 Evaluate your unmet expectations is something I believe most people need to do, but more importantly many need to ask themselves if they are meeting God’s expectations for them. It goes both ways and if you are not LIVING in the Word of God you may be disappointed that you are not getting your expectations met. It’s easy to appear to be a good Christian and quote Scriptures and tell others what they are doing wrong and believe that you are saved solely because of this and you believe Christ died for us, but not so easy to remember to do your part too. Please ask yourself if you are meeting, or at least making your best effort to meet, God’s expectations.

  7. A simple google search, and clicking a random number on bottom for search results lead me to this page, I don’t think it was an accident ! For 35 years I have always lived in the fact I KNEW God was there, and I KNEW Christ died for me. Most who stuggle with faith are living in hard times and it causes them to doubt, thats not me. I have a wonderful family, am blessed with all I need and so much more … yet in the last week I suddenly and abruptly started to question everything I knew. Before getting online tonight I found my self on the floor crying asking god to speak to me, just one word, and when I laid there for 30 minutes with no answer and no signal, I let it drive me even more toward the feeling. I must say you nailed my thoughts, and have given me hope that while I am in a worse place then I have ever been in my relationship with God, I am not the only one who has felt this way. While this has not fixed it, I feel a calm and peace in having someone identify the issue in a way i could not, and at least give me a starting point to go from in my path to fixing my relationship with my Lord. I ask all to pray for me as without my faith I feel I have nothing and in my heart I know the doubts are more absurd then my faith, but I need help to shake them that only comes from God, and I ask for prayers to give me the strength to wait until God is ready to reveal himself to me in his time, and stop expecting him to do it on my schedule.

    1. If you still get these replies – Would you contact me? My name is Joy and ironically, as this is Easter Sunday, I have struggled the last several weeks with my belief in God and my faith-

      It is hard wondering where He is when so much around me is jacked up-

      Anywho-If you would email that would be great-Joy

      1. Hi joy. I know this is an old post but I have been a Christian (excepted Jesus as my lord and savior) for 15 yrs. first three years I was on fire for Christ then I fell. About 3 yrs ago I got back into the word and things have been great. All of the sudden though I have started doubting God, and Jesus. I KNOW it is the enemy, I have over 79 verses I have written that I use to help. I have been doubting now for about 3 months. I ask the Lord to help me with my doubts. And I still do at times KNOW Jesus and God are real bc of HOW I got saved (I was demonically oppressed to point of near possessed) but I can’t seem to shake off the enemy.

    2. Even though I’ve experienced god and his holy spirit upon me I still doubt that he is the one true god, I still doubt Jesus. I think to myself, well if he’s real why has he chosen me for such a great calling that he has on my life even if I doubt. I feel so sad that even though he’s still blessing me with spiritual gifts I still don’t know how to believe. I feel horrible for it, I know that the enemy is gunna try to attack our minds, which he often does and places doubts in our minds so its actually harder to pray and rebuke even when you still have unbelief. I can still acknowledge god is my lord and savior but I’m not to sure I believe it.

  8. I am ashamed to be I have been struggling with my faith for quiet some time. I used to be a very spiritual person and no one or nothing could have stood between me and my God. but I was wrong. As I grow I struggle so badly to understand this world, my existence and everything. Good or bad. I feel weak and lost but I am enveloped in a feeling of comfort that things will be ok. At the lowest point in my life when I felt I almost let go entirely of my faith I prayed. As hard as it was. I just said “God if you are there help with my faith”. I asked my father a question while he was in hospital and I was caring for him. I asked him if he believed there was a God. And he answered “Look around you. Do you not see that there is a higher power?” Do we not see? God is all around us and it is up to us to see him. Ask for his help. If you do not ask he will not be able to intervene for we have the gift of free will. To everyone who is struggling like me, have hope that things will get better and try to pray ..or simply say before you close your eyes at night ” Help me with my faith. I am weak. Help me”. My faith is weak but I am able to share this with you because I feel that things will get better for me. If we all search in our hearts we will see that there always remain a flicker of hope, a flicker of faith and we need to nurse it. Things will not become better over night and there always will be obstacles but we need to not give up, work on ourselves. Let the divine help you. That is all we have to do ..let us be guided. Stop trying to take control of everything. Stop worrying. Change the things we can change and let go of the things we can’t. Ask for help. If it was ok to not have faith then not having faith would not feel so bad. I am a weak believer but the small part of me that does believe is enough to get me through and i continue to ask daily that my faith grows and strengthens for I know it is only then I will find happiness. If we abandon our faith, what is left to live for? So my brother and sisters hold on tight. Let go of your worries and ask. Do not be afraid to ask. If you cannot ask god directly at first ask the universe to take you back to your righteous path. Good luck. Love and light to you all.

    1. greetings you all brethren.its a good topic and very important we are talking about here”falling faith ”.i am a child of God i believe in Jesus and the existence of God.i love his presence around me and i discus with jesus many times. many times i preach the gospel of christ to people.but i to my surprise i was a victim of fallen faith.its all started when i was in highschool junior.i always have this dream to study in the united a dream that was real. i prayed several times to my father God almighty for that day to come. and with this conviction i had. in me i told my selt i will not complete my studies because berore i do i trust God must provide a chance for me.i got to my last year in highschool i did play lottery since at my very early age hoping opportinity will come out from there.eventhough i prayed hard i never won the lottery.at my first year in the university my trust in God felt a lil when i was especting God to caiee me ein the lottery but he didnt the latet months after my trust arose back through prophesies by men of God saying they can see me in a plane travelling not one man of God but men.my hope was solid my faith was up.i then decided to apply for a u.s student visa in second year in the university.with confidence and prophesies i knew i will get it.when reach at the day of my interview i was praying thougj saying lord this is the day i long dream please come help me.when i saw my token number on the screen i jumped up with faith to go get my visa but i was refused a visa.there instantly i was in pain.all the people i told before i was travelling to u.s i was ashame to see.infact my worries were with God.i said lord u abandoned my? what of the promises i cried i wept.for months now i still cant let it go because my faith i down.many times i tried to nelieved God but dont know how to pray with all hope because i was afraid i will still feel pains if my hope dont come true so cirrently it is my condition.so i need prayers to understand God better and why things they way it does.

      1. Praying for you buddy. Remember God works on his own timing not ours. He knows better than us what’s best for us in the end. Continue to play and discern and he will lead you to where you need to be. Remember sometes what we think we want right now isn’t what we will want to be later. Let go and let God. You’ll be just fine

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  10. My faith struggles are a little different. I feel convicted God is there, but am feeling angry because I feel I can never live up to his standards and I don’t know what to do with that anger. I am frightened that I will not be among the saved, which makes me want I doubt God because I do not want that future. That is where my doubt comes from.
    I know that I feel these things so often because a difficult childhood and abusive relationship when I was very young have affected my sense of self worth, but I ask myself why God would let these things happen if I’m not strong enough to survive them? And these things are minor in comparison to what thousands experience globally – but I can’t shut off my compassion for all those whose broken lives cause them to reject faith. I can’t come to terms with damnation for people like me who had no control over events which broke them. How can I reconcile that with a belief in a loving God?

    1. Lou,

      I certainly understand your struggle. The great news is that you can’t live up to God’s standard! No one can! That fact is the very reason Christ came. You can rest in His finished work on the cross. When we are born again we are redeemed and His blood covers us. No longer is sin imputed to us- our records are cleared. No longer are we bound to a standard that we can not meet in and of ourselves. When we turn to God and commit to serving Him and enter into covenant with Him there are then expectations, as there are in every covenant relationship (eg. marriage). There are things God expects us to do and not do. Thankfully He does not leave us to makes these changes all on our own, but gives us the Holy Ghost to help us overcome our challenges (and our pasts) and live victoriously for Him.

      He does not want you to live in frustration and anger. I applaud you for having the courage to reach out. I have experienced a lot of brokenness in my life, so I know it’s hard sometimes, and you ARE strong enough because you have survived and made it through! I encourage you to continue to pray and cry out to God for greater revelation of Himself and what He has for you. He can handle all of your doubt and fear and frustration, and wants to help you, and every one you have compassion for. Don’t forget that He has compassion for them, as well. The healing He has done for me He wants to do for you and others. If all you can do for now is clutch on to the feet and robe of Jesus, if all you can see is a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel (I know that there are times when it seems like complete darkness), He will bring you through. Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. There is light and joy and peace and victory on the other side. Your past does not dictate your future.

  11. Natasha,

    This is one of the most helpful posts I’ve found regarding doubts as a Christian. My own story is unique but may not be unlike many others who have also struggled. Also, as a parent of 2 teenagers recently brought through the throws of divorce, your blog will be a great resource. Thank you for your work. I have outlined my story below and my journey back unknowingly seems to be consistent with what you outline above. Maybe you or your readers may find it helpful or at least anecdotal evidence of the power of what you have presented here. Here’s the link to my story:


  12. i am struggling in my faith and belief due to some things that have happened in my life and things i have witnessed. one of the reasons i struggle in my walk is when i sit back and watch how self proclaimed christians behave on social media and youtube. when i see a video of a pastor on youtube calling people names and swearing. and people on social media spreading lies and slander about other people and claim to be christian it makes me think god is doing it through them

    2. i struggle in my faith because of lack of leadership. ive been looking for someone to have bible study with over the phone and all ive found is people who play games and arent committed to doing it. im looking for someone who can lead me someone who i can look up too.

    3. i struggle because of the issue of the holy spirit. i dont feel the holy spirit. ive heard so much he said she said stuff when it comes to the holy spirit…. about how one feels the holy spirit and led by the spirit?

    i dont feel anything period. i dont feel led. i just dont feel led

    i would never become an atheist because their beliefs is garbage

    1. My husband and I would be more than happy to do Bible studies with you over the phone. Talking about and sharing God’s Word is one of our greasy joys. I don’t know how we could get connected, but maybe Natasha could help us.

  13. I am a relatively new christian and have very limited knowledge, wisdom and experience on the spiritual life but this came to me recently as I too am struggling with my thought life and my faith.

    Peter denied Jesus 3 times in the courtyard. He knew Jesus personally and he loved Jesus with all of his human capacity to love.

    What I’m trying to get at is that our human frailties and weaknesses are exposed. We are under attack. Worldly clamours can block us from feeling connected to the holy spirit. My experience tells me that trying to live a spiritual way of life coupled with trying to contend with worldly forces is very difficult, impossible without Jesus’ help.

    The fact that I struggle sometimes to believe the bible, the gospels and my own tangible experience with the holy spirit, doesn’t make the truth any less true. The truth is the truth whether my human mind wants to believe it or not.

    thank you Jesus for what you did for me on the cross at Calvery.

    I use this prayer sometimes and have found it useful.
    Ephesians 1: 17-23
    I pray that the God of our lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to me the spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him: That the eyes of my heart may be enlightened; that I may know what is the hope of His calling, and what are the riches of glory of His inheritance in the saints. And what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power. Which He brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead, and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places. Far above all rule and authority, and power, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age, but also in the one to come: And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church. Which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all


  14. I always like to tell myself that if God doesn’t exist, then were are one extraordinary axident. One so extraordinary, that it can only be described as a miracle. Such a miracle, to have come from anything but of the works of God.

    1. THIS.I feel the same way as you do.LITERALLY THE SAME WAY.I’ve always been one that is easily influenced.I’ve been struggling with faith for the past week or so.It really tears me apart.I’m only 17.I live in Malaysia.It’s not about islam or anything.Because I know if I were to choose I’d choose Christianity at the drop of a hat.And,at LEAST they believe in SOMETHING.I’m having doubts as to if God is real or not.It also hurts me when people just say “Oh my God” or “F God” and swear words that involves God.I KNOW.I know,they don’t have any ill-mannered thoughts.I’m just confused.I’m at that time of the month where it’s usually me just thinking and thinking about life and all that.This is the first time In my life I’ve had such deep thoughts.

      help me. I don’t wanna give up.I’m scared of dying (one of my anxieties) I’m scared that everything I believe in is a lie.I’m scared.I’m a catechument.I’m baptized,yet,next year,though but raised and taught a catholic.I always loved God.I think this doubt stems from those atheists and their arguments,If i think it’s logical I’ll accept it,even with a believer.But like you,I tend to stray to the unbeliever.Sometimes I feel like giving everything up and becoming a nun.I don’t know what to do anymore.I kept crying and just finished so as I’m typing this.I’m so lost and confused and baffled about everything else.Especially with celebrities,I tend to look at the westerners but their faith is growing so weak that the atheists,be it celebrities or normal people are affecting me and it saddens me and falters my faith.

      We’re having the interview next month on January I think and I’m scared that I’ll get differ because of my weak faith.It just suddenly pop up,this weak faith of mine.I’m also afraid that the world is gonna end and I won’t go to Heaven because I haven’t been baptized yet.Then there’s me worrying about my 50/50 (believe/dont believe) about a Creator (not jesus though..) FATHER.I love my family,he’s the only one that doesn’t believe.But I’m also having doubts,so what Am I to do?

      Sorry for the wall of text,Bless you if you finished reading this.just need to get this out of my system,as I don’t think anyone in real life would understand I think.I DUNNO.AGH.

  15. I see we all have different stories but one struggle.
    I would say that mine is that my mind is easily fooled. If I hear somebody explain why god isn’t real and it sounds logical, I will start to believe it. If I hear a Christian tell me why god is real I will start to believe that. But I most likely will believe the unbeliever, so then I start to doubt. I feel as the enemy tries to torment my mind with unbelief and that god doesn’t exist, so at that point idk how to ask god to show me truth and remove doubt because idk if he exists, and if he does, how will I continue to believe it.

  16. So does this mean that as a christian, it’s normal to go through doubt? Because I surely don’t want it my life.

  17. I have been struggling with doubt for a long time. This is how it started: When asleep one night I felt like the devil had thrown a fiery dart of doubt in my mind, manipulating me to doubt the existence of God. The holy spirit tired ministering to be but I was so consumed with this doubt such that I couldn’t pay attention to him. I did all I could to get rid of the doubt and I ofcourse failed. That’s when surrendering to God came to mind. I did that and asked the Lord to show me what to do of which I believe He did. On feeling so free and relieved, I went to visit my friend( was in campus then). She had a roommate who also happened to be my friend though she wasn’t saved. On seeing her unsaved roommate, I started talking to her about God. She said something that hit me so hard such that I even wondered why I preached to her in the first place! She said that some people doubt the existence of God and on saying that, it’s like she confirmed the doubt that was already planted in my mind by the devil and I for real started doubting the existence of God. I have tried everything to get rid of the doubt and I have failed. It’s like she confirmed to me that God does not exist. Life without faith is the worst possible life ever! You’d rather lose anything else but not your faith. My mind had now been clogged with unbelief and everytime I try to have faith, I always sink back to unbelief. I was actually looking for someone who’s been through what I’ve been through as I stumbled on this post. Most of the time I feel trapped. I try to believe but unbelief / doubt is busy staring at me. It’s really discouraging. Any advice/ prayer / encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Reread the 5 things she shares to do for the help she provides. Do this to the best of your ability. Never ever place any of your faith in any man they will let you down . Commit to do this. only by doing this for yourself and you along can you get any help for your doubts. You can grow from your doubts because if you let it this will cause you to dig for truth . Don’t wait for it to just drop in your lap .Go after answers for yourself in his word that’s were your hope should be and will be found ,praying for you in you search for truth though your doubts .Love In- Christ

  18. Nice post. I have my doubts about God. He revealed a promise to me through his servant but when it didn’t come to past I started wondering who is God? does he even care? He is deriving pleasure from our sufferings or is He playing games with our lives? It made fall back into addictive behavior of pornography, stopped going to church, stopped reading the bible, stopped loving my GF I like I used to even thinking of quitting the relationship, not willing to get married to her as I planned to in 2years time, getting angry easily when ever “God” is mentioned but still my friends say that I resonate God’s power but I don’t see how. In the midst of all this, I want to believe again but finding it hard to coupled with situations happening around me. please pray for me to get it right. I will try want you recommended hopefully He will come through because I don’t want be on this path.

  19. Thanks Donna for the encouragement. God came through for me via a prophetic word that I am trying to obey in as much as it is not easy. My advice to you Francis would be; in as much as you are struggling, never ever stop going to church. The bible says that out of Zion shall come deliverance. Drag yourself to church if you must but you have to go to church. God will give you a prophetic word that will set you free!

  20. I’ve been experiencing loads of doubt. But I’m not struggling with doubt surrounding central themes of the faith such as Christ’s immaculate conception, deity, death, burial, resurrection, or the existence and goodness of God, etc. I’m struggling with a lot of other things in the Bible. The way the church teaches what we should expect from a relationship with God; for instance God’s Promises. I’ve stood on promises before, being sure to understand them in context and do my part, and they didn’t pan out. The way the church teaches that some sins are worse than others (while not explicitly saying so), and why some people should have different rights than others under a democratic government (while simultaneously denouncing theocracy); why some laws don’t have to be obeyed because they are under the old covenant, yet others do. I still talk to God (with an overwhelming feeling of guilt and betrayal) and read my Bible but cannot bring myself to step foot into a church for the past 5 years. I feel guilty for not going to church, but I know I don’t belong there, either. I’m starting to see Christians as bitter, unforgiving, judgmental, hateful, uneducated people, and I KNOW that is not true. I don’t pretend that my avoidance of the church is somehow noble. Because, if I claim to want to be like Christ, then I would love the church as He loved the church, right? But I don’t. Right now, I can’t stand the church. Church people anger me and I get irritated when they regurgitate scriptures at me that they themselves don’t understand. My mother calls me every Sunday morning to ask if I’m going to church and I say, “Yes” just to avoid the conversation and the subsequent flurry of phone calls from my church-going siblings asking what’s happening to me. (There’s a church down the street that I pretend to go to.) I’m not sure what’s happening. It’s definitely a crossroads.

  21. Not sure if anyone still uses this website but I was glad I found it. I am just a very young Christian, have been for only about 3 months now. I remember the joy I used to feel whenever I though of how awesome God really is. But then a little while ago I started to doubt His existence. Not even sure why. I have all the proof in the world that He exists. It’s just like a part of me wants to deny all that. I have often found myself in tears because I am so desperate. I know I believe in Jesus but yet something makes me want to believe He’s not there. I know it’s the devil, but he’s so convincing I’m finding myself in a tough situation. I don’t know what to do. I desperately need prayers. I’m still scared of hell if I would not choose God which is absurd because obviously if God didn’t exist neither would hell. I’m praying and just hoping that I will return to my former relationship with God. I know His love for me is far too strong to let me go. But yet… Why would I doubt Hos existence?

    1. Sylvia,

      I’ve been feeling the same way lately…from never questioning God’s love, to doubting his existence. It feels like it all happened so quick. What I find comfort in, is that our hearts are pushing us to reach out and seek answers. Doubt is not the same as unbelief. God is using doubt to make our faith stronger.

  22. Hey guys. I’ve been Christian about six years and was raised in the church. I used to be so enthusiastic about Christ; I adored Him. Two years ago, three or four family crisises happened back to back in the span of one summer. It absoulutely broke me. I began putting my faith in things like YouTubers and Musicians when my response from God didn’t come immediately. Since, I’ve been on and off with God. I’d have great days where I’d be reading my Bible and praying nonstop. Others, I’d be curled on the bathroom floor because I felt completely abandoned by Him. Lately, I’ve been in a state of complete and utter doubt. From God’s existence to even the realness of eternity to the point where I’ve just become numb to it all. I just feel hollow and lifeless. Throughout it all, I’ll have one side of my brain being 100% set on my relationship with Christ the other side is full of worldly things and that emptiness. It’s like the two sides and constantly fighting in my mind and it all blurs together. I’m sick of being empty. I know God is real, but for some reason, I can’t believe it. Why won’t my mind allow me to believe in Him?

    Anything you have would be great:)

    1. Thanks Natasha for a great forum. Hi Brianna. I’m in the same situation as you and have trouble distinguishing exactly what God sees in me. Does he see the sinful “old man” still trying to fulfill the Law or what is professed in the Word in Romans 6 that I am forgiven and a “new creation” (2 Cor 5:17)? It’s really hard for me to comprehend that God sees this new creation. I’m aware that Paul went through the same struggle as well as everyone else. I feel like the hamster on the flywheel running so hard but getting nowhere because, I can’t understand why Christ would die for such a person like me. It makes no sense. I want to serve the Lord so bad but feel like I can never accept this so called “grace”. These are all just concepts to me and not part of daily, boots-on-the-ground living.
      So I’ve decided to try prayer and fasting. Something that I haven’t seen in these forum entries. I have no idea how I’m going to do it so I”ll research the biblical way and perhaps God will speak to me and breath new life in me? One can only hope, right? I will pray for you Brianna as I can understand where you’re at…I’m praying that the next time I read in the forum, here – we both have been blessed with breakthrough.

  23. I’ve been struggling with a lot of doubts recently. Last year two members of my immediate family passed away. One was a suicide, and I’m not sure where he stood with God in the end. Consequently my once-strong faith took a severe beating. My biggest objection is the concept of Hell which seems to be overkill. As a teacher, I make sure that my punishments are reasonable, fit the crime, and have the purpose of restoration. Eternally tormenting a person is of no benefit to anyone. Also, the Bible commands us to forgive others (I totally agree with this), but God seems to show a poor example when He allows those who didn’t follow the right beliefs to be tortured forever. I can’t get past the thought that the concept of Hell is barbaric and has no place in modern, civilized culture.
    I know God has not abandoned me – He has continually provided for me during the past few months after my job came to a close (a blessing in disguise, as it has allowed me to have a breathing space after so much loss last year). But how can I love God if He is allowing one of my loved ones to be tormented for eternity? Especially when that person, through no fault of his own, had mental sickness? I’d have a hard time loving anyone who allowed any of my loved ones to be tortured even for a short time. That’s the question I’m struggling with.

  24. how can you explain to me how dose one know what faith to go too.
    how do I make a start when I do not know what faith I am.
    how do I make a start to find what faith will be best for me.
    how will I know when I have found the right faith that is right for me.

  25. I would like to share my story. My dad, rest his soul taught me who God, Jesus, Satan, Heaven, and hell were back when I was 3. I was on fire for God my WHOLE LIFE. I also had the pleasure on going to a Christian Preschool. Whenever their was a Church function when I was little I’d never object to going even in my teen years. Many times growing up I’d do my best to defend God when obnoxious atheists would make fun of him or mock my faith. May of 2007 I learned the plan of salvation and got saved. Two months later I got baptized. I was going to Church Sunday mornings and evenings, Wednesday night Bible study, Reformers unanimous on Friday nights, not to mention Saturday morning Soul winning. I was also a bus worker for the Sunday morning service. I was at my Church more than I was at home. However in February 2008 I woke up for school one day and my faith took a hit. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I was also 16 at the time. I know it sounds weird, but I honestly don’t know what happened. My faith was not the same that day I woke. I was so scared, and I prayed and prayed for my full faith back. I read many things about that online, and a lot of the people it happens to are the ones that choose not to go to Church anymore or they feel God’s way is boring and hard so they quit the Christian life and have no desire to return. That’s not how it was with me! I even still continued in Church for another year and a half after that. I was doing my best to make God happy and defend his name and get more people saved. I ignored the issue for a while cause i was so stressed out. I was never diagnosed, but I believe I have ocd, anxiety and depression. The doubts about God and Jesus made me sick. I hate it! Also when I read about the unforgivable sin that didn’t help either. I was depressed and couldn’t sleep, eat, nothing. You cannot have a normal life believing that when you take your last breath you’re gonna be in judgement before God and he’ll say I never knew you depart from me. I can’t live in fear like that it’s pure torture. All I want is my full faith back! I’ve been going back to Church and trying to pray, but I feel as if God wants nothing to do with me. I keep looking back 8yrs ago and trying to figure out what I did wrong. Nothing comes to mind. I just want my full faith back and to serve Jesus and spend eternity with him. I’ve been reading my Bible. I even post God stuff on my facebook and asked if anybody would like to know the plan of Salvation to let me know and I’ll lead them to Jesus. If anybody has any tips I’d love to hear them. Sorry that this was Long, but I feel for all you guys that are struggling and I pray God helps all of us out soon. Nothing worse than being separated from God Almighty. May God be with you’s and I hope to see all of you in Heaven Amen.

    1. I totally understand …i believe in God but because so many things has happened to me. The doubts are coming I should no better but as a human..and i do believe he has a calling on my life…but the waiting is torture not to mention like you said the fear of Hell. Christianity can be very hard indeed.

  26. I’m only 22 years old and I’m going threw a struggle i need more faith in god also its all In matter of time I want to feel how I did a lot of faith I cried because of god right now I feel I am wrong I hope to feel the believe I’m still going to pray

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  28. Dear Everyone,

    Thank you for sharing your stories. They definitely resonated with me . My main doubt is that if Christianity was the true religion and the others were false, shouldn’t our God demonstrate his power in a more tangible way than the false gods ? Just like when Moses’ staff turned into a serpent, it ate up all the other magicians’ serpents. Been an on-off Christian but always had a desire to have an encounter with God. Left sorely disappointed many times. I also had that thought “where else would I go” if I left Christianity … No other viable option. But that doesn’t seem to numb my doubts. I’ve curled up and cried countless times begging God for an encounter but I don’t feel anything. Why can’t we have a supernatural encounter with God when in the bible it’s filled with such stories ? Isn’t God supposed to be the same yesterday , today and forever ? It sucks when you are in your mid 30s and still struggling with fundamental doubts.

    1. I do agree with you…this crosses my mind often. If he will just show something just once especially as we are all different. I know he gave us creation and thats evidence itself but I really wish i get more reassurance.

  29. hiHigh my,Yes im struggling, however ive no struggle with my belief in Jesus, on the contrary, the whole of my inner being,core soul, is 100% knowing of gods real excistance.
    Im struggling with my journey to Christ, im recently returned to my beliefs,or so I thought! Im carrying an inner hurt at my disconnection from Jesus and the holy spirit, im struggling with knowing wich way to turn, I total up my experiences in life, and I always come back to the same results, theres more bad in me than good! im realy scared of being rejected by Jesus, its a big ask to match up to all the requirements needed to be met to attain an acceptance by Jesus, of course I want to in his presence all the time, more than anything in this world,
    I don’t know what else I can do, can you help, please

    1. Hi Thomas, You have to remember that we aren’t earning our way to heaven. Salvation is God’s gift of grace that we must simply receive. If you truly believe and put your trust in Jesus as your Savior, you WILL be saved. I’m guessing from the nature of your comment, however, that there is some kind of sin you are especially struggling with CURRENTLY and that is what is making you uncertain of your salvation. If that’s the case, you do need to repent from that sin and pray for God’s help to overcome. We will never be perfect, but as Christians, we should expect to be transformed by the Spirit and continually strive to live in a Godly way.

  30. I have been having multiple doubts. I know there is a God (how could there not be) and I’m really hoping there’s a Jesus (he seems like a cool guy). I’m Catholic (but I don’t feel Catholic at all) and hate how it’s against homosexuality and doesn’t think gay marriage is true marriage (it is true marriage). I also hate how they excommunicate people from the Church. For example, if you get an abortion, you get excommunicated. What if you had no choice because giving birth could kill you? It’s not fair. I don’t like abortion but it’s not my place to decide what you others do. I’m what you could call pro-choice. Also, I hate how they have this weird illegitimate children thing. If a child is born out of wedlock they’re illegitimate (which is really screwed up if you ask me). It’s terrible. Now for the non-morals. Original sin is what happened when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden tree BUT the creation story is not true because of evolution, so how could there be original sin? I’ve read parts of the Old Testament before and it flat out TERRIFIED me. I know it’s probably a bunch of stories to scare people into being obedient and “good”, but why would those terrifying verses be the words of an all-loving merciful God (if the OT is actually true)? Also, why would a God who is forgiving and merciful chuck people into eternal torture after they die? That doesn’t seem very forgiving or merciful to me. I don’t get it. Can anyone help me out with this understanding this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks! (I’m very sorry if anything in this post offended anyone in any way).

      1. I will definitely look into it, thanks so much! Finally my mind can rest after a year of confusion!

  31. I am a 33 year old wife & mother to four. I grew up in the church (non denominational) and literally was raised there between youth group, small groups, outreach, Sunday services etc- I also led worship (am a singer/musician) and have KNOWN God and felt his presence on occasions more numerous to list, powerful prophetic words have been spoken over me- things people couldn’t have known. I also went through a lot with my church and by age 19 was “disfellowshipped” along with countless others. Between that, people leaving, and the gossip, judgement & division the church broke apart. Even after that I never questioned my faith. Even after DTS with YWAM, and an apologetics speaker TRYING to get us to question (and successfully shook up many) I, not for a SECOND, questioned my faith, or beliefs. So why, after all these years, when I’m trying to tell my children bible stories, I feel like I’m telling them about Santa, or the Easter bunny? I don’t question a creator, but I’m struggling with the story of Jesus. I’m struggling with feelings that it rolls off my tongue like a fairy tale and I just can’t bring myself to believe it. It is the scariest place of my life to question my faith. It has been my identity. Jesus is all I’ve ever known. If I don’t believe it all, I know I can’t pick & choose to suit me. Everything feels unknown now. Fear permeates me. Fear of death, the worst. I used to be so black & white, and now the world seems shrouded in gray. It was SO much easier to believe. It was SO much safer. Questioning my beliefs is literally upending my world- and I’m terrified. I just want to know what I believe- and teach my babies. I’m heartbroken. I have friends who tell me they questioned at a much younger age and that in the end it strengthened their faith- I can only pray the same can be said for me. I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I needed to get this out. Blessings.

  32. As if I didn’t write enough already, I think I’m seeing now the effects my previous church experiences had on me. I thought they didn’t, but I’m starting to understand that my experiences really took a toll- and it’s like a tsunami is just now hitting my shores from a huge earthquake that struck long ago. Walking wounded.

  33. I felt so alone before reading all this tonight. Struggling big time with my faith so badly its making me I’ll. I am an alcoholic and after 4 years of being sober I am now drinking again just to blot it all out.

  34. Linda Richardson

    Awesome comments. I too am struggling with unwanted doubts. Ive been a believer for many years then the doubts came. Praying through to God for victory over this

  35. Hello,
    my name is Lauren. I have struggled with doubt on and off for many years. I grew up in church. I think the main source of my doubt is my expectation that I want to feel God. I never really feel him. I pray, read my Bible, talk to Him. But I just feel like I should feel him, or hear Him. I also feel like I should be nicer and loving.. and sometimes I’m just plain awful. My mom was very sick and said when she put her hand out she felt God hold her, and her pain went away as long as she kept her arm out. She knew God was helping her. I have never experienced something like this. I just feel like I should feel more. Also, like many others I hate that I doubt because salvation is the whole meaning of life. I don’t want to go to Hell..:/ I hate this. I believe that Jesus is there.. but I still doubt.. Please help! Thank you.

  36. Natasha’s suggested second step was to identify the alternative to Christianity. I found immense meaning and purpose within what started as an atheistic world view! I would like to share it here and hope that in doing so, I am not acting as a literal “devil’s advocate”. Here I go…
    Either way I look at it, Christian me or Atheist me, the ultimate word on the way of the universe is written into all we see laid out before us. What is written in the stars and to get specific, the cosmic microwave background radiation, tells us of space, time and all that is, having a beginning we like to call the big bang. Whether by hand of God or not, the story begins there and unfolds over billions of years up to where we are now: us humans on our beautiful planet…. ourselves products of the universe itself and more fundamentally, the laws that govern it. And one of the multitude of things we humans do, is try to understand those laws. So through us, primitive though we may be, the universe is learning about itself. This raises a heck of a lot more questions than it answers, but in exploring them I found a new basis for morality in the reverence for life and its special place in the universe. I find no truth to be more self-evident than to say that through us, the universe is looking at itself. The wonderous beauty of this cannot be understated though… so much so that I often find myself wondering if therein lies God or, more boldly, how could such a fundamental truth be anything other than God? Made in his image, we mimic that exploratory, yearning urge, in our primitive ways. Reaching out to the great self-actualising truth that wrought itself out of nothing…. the great “I AM”.

    Am I on the wrong track? Maybe… the above is rooted in observation and there are things in life that happen to us all that surpass observation and logical explanation. Like Spock once said…. “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” My thinking doesn’t encapsulate God or aim to sideline Biblical truth (aside from the creation story!) but rather, it acts as a roadsign for the scientifically inclined to say “There is something a bit special here, whether you like it or not!”

  37. My mom died last year and my faith plummeted, I feel absolutely lost and alone. I have prayed for comfort and yet to no avail. About six months ago I realized I was mad at God. I never imagined being mad at God and for a long time would not even speak or think such a thing. I go from feeling as if either took her away or allowed her to get sick and she couldn’t win that battle. Please don’t think I don’t love God, I do. I still pray to him and we talk, albeit a one sided conversation while I am driving down the road. I just want to know why he had to let her leave us? Why can’t he give us some comfort and relief from our grief and unbearable sorrow? Our mom was our rock and her wisdom, strength and love meant everything to us. I am still working on finding my faith again, if only because my mom would expect me too.

  38. Please don’t throw away this comment! Sometimes I ask God for a sign to try to talk to Him. I really want to talk to him but sometimes it seems like he doesn’t answer or is just getting annoyed with all my silly request to just see if I’m right. I need help and have serious doubts. I am a Christian, I became one about two years ago but I didn’t expect to have so may doubts. Please help me.

  39. Hello,

    I know this is an old post, but does anyone have advice to give to someone who is struggling with opposing world religions? I’m struggling with my Christian faith, and I currently have a lot of fear of hell and what happens after death (for myself, my family, and others). WARNING: dumping a lot of emotional stuff, here…

    This is all started a few months ago when I noticed my need to allow myself to ask questions instead of ignore them like I always have. Now that I have started to ask these questions, I feel that I’ve lost all ground and have spiraled out of control with fear, doubt, and confusion. Why is someone believing in Islam (or any other religion) wrong, and why am I right? I have always felt that Christianity was right because it confirmed my sense of compassion and goodness, but what if my sense of “goodness” is just from my personal morality I’ve built thus far? How do I really know it’s right? How do I find truth beyond my wants or opinion?

    I feel completely lost, and afraid, and beyond help. To me, God makes the most sense, but how do I know I’ve found the right way to Him? I’ve had a really good life, but I don’t think that can be proof. Many people have believed in Christianity who have had terrible lives.

    I think the biggest stumbling block for me is understanding why I’m right. I grew up in the church, believed in it, and loved getting to know God. But this narrative sounds so similar to autobiographies I’ve read of other people in other religions. I don’t understand, and I don’t know what to do.

    I just want to stay united with my husband and family, and I want to know God, and I want to do good and help people. But if I don’t know what I believe in, I don’t feel like I can help people. I also feel narcissistic for focusing so much on myself, and my fear of being wrong and going to hell (or something like it), but I don’t know what else to do in face of something so scary. I can find no comfort, and I spend almost every moment terrified or crying. This has been going on for a few months.

    Any advice, books, etc.?

  40. I am just sad as doubt has overcome my faith by means of evolution to questions of the goodness of god in a world where millions die daily due to starvation etc., the acts of evil men yes, but acts a good god could have prevented…I am beside myself with hurt and anger, and sadness…it’s all torn down. Is there no one who has been here, that maybe has an answer,…or am I now indeed alone, left to try and find new truths at 61 years of age….I wish you all Love. Signed,
    Wounded warrior

  41. Emmanuelle Shiloh Martinez

    I began to question my faith when I started question what my father really believes in. He’s an elder at church, he reads the bible everyday, his cabinet is filled with theology book and yet… he can be too judgemental that even if he sees the person suffering from what he said and he doesn’t even pity them. He judges people as if he does no wrong. Is this what you call a Christian then? Is this what he defines as Christianity? If that’s it, then i’ll just give up what he wants me to believe in… don’t get me wrong i love the church, i love God, and i love my father but his actions is just too much. A pastor once said, “The evidence of God’s mercy in your life isn’t determined by how much theology you know, by how many books you read, but by your active goodness to people in misery and in need.” I wanted to say this to him but every time I would bring something up like that he dismissed me with a verse from the bible, but for goodness’ sake what i need now is not a verse from a bible but words from a father explaining his actions.

  42. I was raised as a catholic. I knew my father had converted in order to marry my mother. They both left the church, not to go elsewhere, but I wonder if my mother thought as long as we had been raised in the church, her duty was done? I stopped going by the time I was 14. It left me with not a sense of loss, but of guilt. So I’ve gotten by believing in a loosely formed idea of a higher power. Now I’ve had a terminall diagnosis, and am like a child, hoping that an all merciful, forgiving God is there. I can’t convince myself that all other faiths are condemned, that is what they were taught, just as I was, by descent. Sometimes I wonder if we can’t bear the thought that there might be nothing. That it’s just crushing to the human psyche. I do not have friends or family with strong religious beliefs, none that would try to convince me one way or the other. I’d like to believe, but all I can do is hope, pray, and act as if. I’ve asked for last rites at the time prior to death. But I’d prefer to have real abiding faith. Not the just in case kind.
    I believe in kindness, love, I abhor cruelty in any form. I don’t know if it’s enough. There is a lot of debate about the men who wrote the bible. There are words there attributed to Christ. But very few first hand witness accounts. If you go by that, the Quran is supposedly the word of God, as delivered by Gabriel the archangel. It’s as if I have read, learned about and personally know too many really good people of other faiths to be able to choose. It’s painful to doubt, when you know you’re going to meet your maker. I will pray for God to search for me, and have mercy on my soul. I don’t know if that’s enough. EFM

  43. Thank you for this.
    I struggle so much with faith.
    I always look at some Christian’s and admire how strong their faith is.
    “How did they do it?!” “How are they so certain God is real?!” I always ask myself.
    Been praying to God to make my faith strong. It sure would make life easier.

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  45. So, as an atheist, can I tell my reasons for not believing in God? I’ll go through all five steps you’ve set above. Before you’d make any assumptions regarding the context of my answers, I should mention that I was born in a protestant family, and currently I am studying theology, which includes reading biblical scriptures in hebrew and greek, and learning all the credo of the protestant reformers.

    1. The root of my doubts are the lack of evidences (again, I am confident I might find some better ones as I progress in my studies), and the fact that the ones people tend to talk about are also made and experienced by humans, thus they are inherently fallable, imperfect, and corruptable. In short, there are no clear evidences to justify anyone’s faith other than their personal conviction. The concept of an omnipotent, omniscient being is just too much of a paradox in the highlight of the current state of the world (or any time before really).
    2. To answer the second step, I must talk a bit about the concept of “god”. People like to imagine god as something they can grab, at least in their minds, something that fits into their mindset. People dress up the concept of god with certain personality traits, like “kind god”, “merciful god”, “god’s wrath” and such. We humans tend to forget that these traits in all of their aspects are nothing more than a mix of material components, chemical fusions. If you think otherwise, you are ignoring proven facts. So, aside from it’s “personality”, what else a god has? Basically, the meaning for existence that we, humanity seek everywhere. And we do it so desperately, that if we can’t find it outside, we make it up for ourselves (f.e. the multiverse-theory which is quiet a confy theory to our question about the lack of choices in our lives). It’s all about personal confort, and you choose whichever suits the best to you. In fact, you can’t even choose from that much, because your birthplace and culture and a lot of other things determine almost everything. If you are a muslim, you have close to zero chance to ever convert to christianity or shintoism. And this is a major fact most people likes to skim over. Fate eh?
    So what is my alternative to christianity? I have no alternatives, I have nothing to replace it. Because I don’t have any empty space in me like most of the people who are struggling with some kind identity crisis. I don’t require nor want belief in my existence to be able to fully function. No, I haven’t replaced it with confidence for the most part. I just realized it never really was important. I don’t believe in fate, or determination, or afterlife, or anything that requires faith and understanding beyond reasoning. I only believe in continuity of consciousness, and I only do it because I know that after death I won’t be able to tell myself if it was true (since my personality won’t be a thing anymore), even though it is the most logical answer to the question about existence after death. I have no fear in myself, because the present gives me enough evidence to not fear my future.
    4. My unmet expectations? I’ll only tell the biggest one for now: miracles. Oh, miracles. The things almost everyone claims to have experienced at least once. And how mad they get when you disprove them or just simply don’t believe them. As you can see, alongside with a lot of other things, I don’t believe in miracles. The Bible claims that miracles have existed before the New Testament, they existed before the kings of Israel, before the birth of Moses. We call miracles things we didn’t expect – things that have a positive outcome on us. Like near-death experiences, or a good grade from an exam we haven’t prepared to. Interestingly though, the thing people call near death experiences are actually have nothing to do with death. You can’t eat soup with a fork. Death only occurs after the physical death of the brain. Noone ever have came back from that state. Jesus? Maybe, according to some people who were proven to be undependable many-many times.
    5. All right, I’ll do it – one day. I won’t pray to the air because if God’d exist, he’d know very well I don’t do it with conviction 🙂

  46. I’m struggling as well. I grew up in the church, went to Christain schools, had Christian friends and family and married a Christian man. I’d never once felt an emotional, personal relationship with God, and always leaned more toward the mental, logical side, which poses some problems in a society where the religious (especially Christians) are seen as anti-science and irrational people choosing to believe in the tooth fairy. The more I thought about it, the more confused I found myself. On the one hand, the odds of a planet like ours just exploding into existence is pretty insane…on the other, there’s a lot of stuff in the Bible that just seems nuts to me, too. Not to mention the laws that I can’t wrap my head around. Homosexuality, predestination, no female church leaders, women being automatically designated as the homemaker, (what if they’re the breadwinner? Do they give it all away?) women must submit (yes, I know the husbands have a charge, too, but there’s a definite superiority there that I struggle to accept,) abuse not necessarily being a valid reason for divorce, and dozens of others. I can’t help but feel angry reading some passages, and I don’t understand how to believe the Bible when so many rules leave me feeling like it was written by a bunch of straight guys who want to preserve their superiority. I used to feel moderately confident, now I’m doubting everything and feeling blank inside…but realising that I’ve been feeling blank for many years now and have just been going through the motions.

    1. Hi! Since I haven’t got any responses to my comment, I’d just make one on yours.
      I am a non-believer. I’m not opposing the idea of a god, but I can’t find a proper reason for it to exist. I don’t call the Bible an invalid source, but it’s clearly not as holy of a book as people like to claim. And it doesn’t give a single answer to the question of how and why does God exist, and behaves the way the Bible depicts it. It states that we have to first believe and only then ask. That’s never gonna happen. Everything we learn from God are the ideas and words of other people. And people are often just liars. They shape reality to fit into their mindset, and meanwhile they are unconsciously deceive others and mislead them. That’s how faith works: it should be a subjective matter, not a thing for the masses. Still though, as I have seen and learned a lot of things about my religion and other’s, I came to a conclusion.
      I don’t believe. Not just in God, or in Jesus. I don’t believe at all. And I don’t feel the need to do it. I just realized that it never was a vital part of my life. Faith isn’t necessary to me to live. I have enough things to be able to answer myself the questions that are bothering me. For example: the problem of how the universe came to existence…
      Not an easy question, I’ll admit that. Yet I still say that it didn’t need a creator to happen. Murphy’s law: anything that can happen will happen. Which also means that “chance” or “possibility” are irrelevant notions for any event that happened already. I’ve rolled 6 in a dice 999 times in a row. Doesn’t matter the fact that it was almost impossible to happen. It just happened. Same with the universe. The beginning of the universe also means the beginning of time and space. Without time, there’s no “chance”, there’s no “opportunity”. When time happened, it happened already. “And what if it’d never happened?” If there’d be no time, there’d be no “before”, or “after” as well. The universe doesn’t exists because we exist. We exist because the universe exists. And it doesn’t require a creator to be true. “In the beginning there was light…” No. In the beginning there was beginning. It’s funny how carefully the historians in the Bible tried to make every single word have a meaning or order. They weren’t the best at their job.
      If you fell confused about your feelings or world view, I’d recommend you to explore your inner self. learn your personality, sort out your memories and feelings and try to drew a line where you can have a somewhat clear point to begin. Humans are the most complex beings in Earth, but we are not impossible to discover and understand. I hope you’ll find your ground in this chaotic world of ideas, I wish I could give you from my own confidence and inner peace. Whatever happens, just follow the things that can make happy.

  47. I often find myself in crises of faith, fighting depression and sadness. I believe in God and in Christ our Savior, but sometimes I have such a hard time accepting my life. I was brought up in church and have tried to be a good Christian through my life. I’m in my early 50’s now. I started praying for a boyfriend or, more specifically, someone to love and to love me, when I was about 12. I prayed that every night until I was about 40, modifying it over the years, as I wanted to have children and an happy family. I never even was asked on a date until I was out of high school. I did not marry until my late 40’s, and that only lasted about 3 1/2 year until I discovered my husband was cheating on me. Until then I thought my life was pretty much perfect except for not being able to get him to go to church as we did when we were dating, but I wasn’t giving up. Then my world was destroyed. I had left my family, my nice home, well-paying job, everything for him, as I loved him with every fiber of my being and wanted nothing more than to be a good wife to him and spend the rest of my days with him. Now, I can’t afford to move back to where my family is, I work 2 jobs and can barely make ends meet, and I feel unhappy so often. I have few friends, although I really try. I go to church and even teach the preschool class. I get depressed, and feel so betrayed by all my prayers and faithfulness. I see so many around who seem to have little to no dedication to the Lord and yet have such wonderful lives and are so blessed with love and families and don’t have to struggle. And I see those who are faithful who are also blessed. I just have such trouble accepting why I can never seem to find lasting happiness or blessings when I have spent my life trying to be a good Christian, being faithful to God. I’m not perfect; I’ve made my mistakes and gone through my rebellious times, but my worst times all rolled together are like a mild weekend for most people. I know it’s all in God’s time, not ours, but surely He knows my heart and knows that I really want to live a life of happiness, reflecting and spreading His love, not struggling to just keep my faith myself. I know many people have things much worse than I, but that doesn’t help me feel better about my situation. I feel like I’m missing something in my heart, like a key piece that keeps me from experiencing God’s blessings or something. I feel like there is something wrong with me, which is why no one wanted to date me, marry me, why my husband cheated, and why I have few friends and not one offer of a date or even male friendship in the 2 years since my marriage failed. I even forgave my husband and tried for over 6 months to make it work, but although he strung me along and acted like he was working with me, I found he had been seeing someone else for over a month. I feel like all I do is wrong, no matter how much I pray, or talk to the pastor or read my Bible. I just don’t know . . .

    1. You sound like you really need a friend to talk to. I will keep you in my prayers. One thing I found helped me in a dark period was to remember thanksgiving in my prayers – to find a couple of even the tiniest little things to be thankful for everyday, and write them down – it gave me a list of things to go back to and truly be thankful for and helped to bring a bit of joy back to life.

    2. I want you to know that I read your comment last night, and included you in my prayers. I’ve returned today hoping I can offer you some encouragement. Your comment is raw and honest; it must’ve taken a lot of courage to admit that you are unhappy despite trying your best all your life to be a “good” Christian.

      I wonder if you would imagine with me for a moment the life of our Lord. In him we see a model of how to attain perfect happiness. Here is a real human, like us in every way except sin, who lived a perfect life and now lives in perfect happiness in heaven, united in the Blessed Trinity. In his life we have the instruction manual for our own life. Jesus said many times, “follow me.” We are the body of Christ, he is the Head. The way the Head goes, the Body must follow.

      So what did he choose to do in his time on earth? He chose to be poor. He chose to be different. He chose to accept rejection. He chose to forgive. He chose to give of himself. He gave no defense when he was mocked, spit on, attacked, beaten, or misunderstood. Finally, he chose to suffer and die without just cause. Why did he do that? There’s at least two reasons:

      We all know the textbook answer-to save us from our sins. But really the answer is because he loves YOU, and he wanted to be with YOU forever in perfect happiness, sharing in the love that the Blessed Trinity enjoys constantly. How many people know Jesus loves us with our heads, but have yet to realize it with our hearts? Do you know that Jesus misses you when you stay away? You are looking for someone who will love you and be devoted to you and miss you every day and who wants to spend time with you, but you already have Someone like that who is waiting for YOU. Mother Teresa has written a beautiful letter on this topic. I will leave it for you in a separate comment. I hope it is an encouragement to you that God has answered your prayers and provided someone who will always love you.

      The second reason he suffered lies in I Peter 2:19 and onward. I encourage you to read through 1 Peter; it has a beautiful theme of suffering throughout that has helped me so much in my difficulties. I will quote some of it here for you: “For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly…for to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so you might follow in his steps….when he was reviled he did not revile in return; when he suffered he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly.”

      He suffered not only because he loves you, but because he wanted to leave you an example that you might follow his steps, accepting suffering and loneliness, entrusting yourself to the Father’s care, for he cares for you more than you can imagine. Bring your cares to Jesus, he alone can truly understand what your suffering feels like, for he too has endured it all.

      I will tuck you into my prayers again today, may God be with you on your pilgrimage through this life on your way to the Heavenly Kingdom when perfect happiness awaits you for all eternity.

    3. Here is the letter by Mother Teresa. I posted another comment, but not sure if it went through…

      “Jesus wants me to tell you again, how much is the love He has for each one of you – beyond all that you can imagine. I worry some of you still have not really met Jesus – one to one – you and Jesus alone. We may spend time in chapel – but have you seen with the eyes of your soul how He looks at you with love?
      Do you really know the living Jesus – not from books, but from being with Him in your heart? Have you heard the loving words He speaks to you? Ask for this grace, He is longing to give it. Never give up this daily intimate contact with Jesus as a real living Person – not just an idea.
      How can we last – even one day living our life without hearing Jesus say “I love you” – impossible. Our soul needs that as much as the body needs to breathe the air. If not, prayer is dead – meditation is only thinking. Jesus wants you each to hear Him – speaking in the silence of your heart.
      Be careful of all that can block that personal being in touch with the living Jesus. The hurts of life, and sometimes your own mistakes – [they] make you feel it is impossible that Jesus really loves you, is really clinging to you. This is a danger for all of you. And so sad, because it is completely opposite of what Jesus is really wanting, waiting to tell you.
      Not only He loves you, even more – He longs for you. He misses you when you don’t come close. He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don’t feel worthy. Even if you are not accepted by others, even by yourself sometimes – He is the one who always accepts you.

      My children, you don’t have to be different for Jesus to love you. Only believe – you are precious to Him. Bring all you are suffering to His feet – only open your heart to be loved by Him as you are. He will do the rest. “

  48. Is it possible to grow in our faith, if we never struggle with our faith. I know Christians who go about life with never a care. If we never question our faith how do we get answers to our faith. My God is big enough that he is not threatened when I go to Him with something I don’t understand.

  49. I have spent my life as a doubting believer. I try so hard, but lose faith so many times. The one verse that gives me some comfort is John 6:37 “If any man comes unto me, I will in no wise case him out.
    I once wrote an ebook about this tortuous faith journey entitled “idoubt: When Faith Falters.” It’s .99 cents on Amazon (I tried to give it away, but Amazon doesn’t let you give books away). Here is what I wrote for the summary:

    “You want to believe in God. At one time, it was so simple. God loved you and you loved God. And that was it. For a season, you were committed to Christ. But the season passed. Unfortunately, life hit you hard and you began to have doubts. Your doubts grew and your faith shrunk. It was like a cancer that no amount of prayer could stop. You turned to the church for answers, but your issues were never fully addressed. You were an inconvenience, rather than a person who needed sincere help. Your doubt about God’s love and his very existence was unfathomably uncomfortable to others. Somewhere along the line, it seemed like you were forgotten. Forgotten by God. Forgotten by your church. Forgotten by other Christians.”

    I hope this helps.

  50. I am at a dead end, can’t go no further. all churches seem to not understand and follow the word of god! everyone seems to be in error, and they ostracize me when I try to point it out! trying to find a church that has the truth and no lies, there is none! thought I should start my own then, but I am not a preacher., and physically are not capable through injures after being run down by a car, compounded further by blood clots to lungs after a surgery, depression, anxiety, frequent panic attacks and post traumatic stress dis-order. So unless God heals me I physically do not have the strength! I have seen the most craziest of stuff in my life time in the church, I am really concerned, and am horrified that surely this must be near the end! I am worried so many Christians do not have salvation and that weighs too heavily on my mind and soul, I am dashed to pieces! If I were to lead some-one to Christ, where should I take them, where they won’t be ravaged by wolves in sheep’s clothing! Like they have done to me for so many, many years now! I won’t stop believing in the Lord, but certainly have been totally shut off!

  51. I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on false teachers. Seems that every well known person is one! Some I wasn’t surprised about but others I was. Then, I found a preacher who is awesome, preaches the truth, and is very convicting. His sermon on salvation assurance actually provided me some relief. But my doubts have almost been debilitating, as they haven’t been in a while. Yesterday, I wondered if I should just chuck it all (faith) and live my own way – maybe I have been anyway but last night I went right back to watching that awesome preacher on youtube. I’m still wracked with doubts and wonder if I’m even saved and afraid for my eternal future. I guess in another way examining yourself to see if you are in the faith is a good thing. I just hope I can let this go somewhat and maybe even find assurance (either way).

  52. Hi, I have been going through a faith crisis since Jesus saved me in 1993. I am now 47 years old.I am going through another faith crisis or shall I say the same faith crisis but it is more intense.Yes I am scared, yes I am exhausted , yes I am constantly doubting and questioning as to whether God loves me or whether Jesus has actually saved me in the first place and have I just been deluding myself all these years but just as I get to the point of no return , no return for me is I do not want to exist anymore I want to be erased as If I had never existed if God is not real then something inside of me nudges me to not let go or give up or in as there is a bigger reason behind my struggle. I have struggled with actually rejecting God ,His love His word and Jesus Christ my Saviour since He saved me almost like a hospital patient whose body tries to or rejects the medication that they need to heal get better and live.However no matter how awful and scary this reaction to God is for me Iam still here,I still believe and want tobelieve no matter how hard it is for meand all I can say is Jesus must have fully saved me when He did in 1993 God must be real He must love me He must be working in me because I have not let go of Him in other words no matter how I struggle with rejecting God He has not let go of me it is all down to His grace and Jesus’ faith and His Holy Spirit that I am still here crying out to God no matter how I feel and I must take comfort in the fact that if it was just down to me even as a born again Christian I would have given up and given in to rejecting God years ago but I have not and no matter how weird it still feels to still have this rejecting reaction to God it is all down to Him as to why I still believe in Him and have not given up and that He obviously is still working in me to draw me to Him even if it does not make sense to me at all.I heard something today 2/5/18 on TBN Christian channel. By RT Kendall which obviously was coming from God to speak to me and various other Christians struggling with major trials of a kind of life and death struggle. Because that is how it feels sometimes.RT Kendall said if anyone out there is struggling with a major trial then the Angels in. Heaven are celebrating as it is a sign that God is doing a major work in you He is trying to get us to break the betrayal barrier towards Him, to once and for all break off doubt,fear and unbelief to strengthen our faith reliance trust and dependence on Him solely so as to make our faith in Him be real and come alive and he used the example of when Mary and Martha cried to Jesus about Lazaruses death and Jesus was basically saying take heart I allowed his death and I did not come straight away so that you will believe when I did come to raise Lazarus from the dead so that your faith would be made alive and you would know for sure who I am and. Who God is.

  53. I wonder if you could help me. I’ve been to church all my life and became a christian at 20. It has only been in recent years where god has really captivated my heart and i’ve given him my all. the miracles and blessings are too numerous to list!! My recent prayer and longing is to know jesus more to take me closer and deeper and “send me”. I’ve suddenly been left with doubts I never questioned before.

    Whys should I be tarnished with the sin of adam and eve
    Why did god just not get rid of satan in the first place
    If i have the holy spirit why do I still feel down
    Do i really need jesus to get to god because I hate the world and all it holds ……………and its goes on and on. I feel physically and emotionally drained. I also feel so scared because my biggest concern is when i face Jesus (and i know we will) he wont not recognise me because I doubted will ask me to depart.

    I am searching and praying and asking and I need some kind of revelation and peace.

    Is this normal to feel like this after so many years of serving & loving jesus.

    Maybe in here ive answered my own questions but Is it because the more I ask to go deeper with god, the more needs to be addressed.

    I’m feeling confused, worried and sad. In my heart I love Jesus but i feel guilty for ever doubting him.

    can you help 🙂

  54. I was diagnosed with a blood clot at 27. As a wife and mother of two, I became so scared. What if? What if I die and what if there isn’t a God and this is it? Nothing after this life? How sad and scary would that be? I would never see my family. I would never feel or think again. I’m so scared. I have so much anxiety now. I feel it all started when I was diagnosed with the DVT and having the thought of dying. I’m just so scared of God not being real. I now have so much anxiety and doubt. I never had this issue before. I’m embarrassed to talk to my family about it. Needing encouragement and faith.

  55. hello everyone, i really need help as i have been having a lot of doubt in God and i feel like my faith is going. I really want to believe in him but its like i’m not getting a good feeling that he is real. I love God so much, but at the same time, i don’t even know if he is real. i feel like my problem is the fact that i cannot see him, when ever i look into the sky i sit and think, but where would you be? are you really there? I really need help because i hate feeling this way, i really really want to believe in him. i need to stop looking into the sky and thinking about it. Thanks for reading, i hope someone replies xxxx

    1. Hey there.

      I think the main point I want to make first is if you have heard sound doctrine. So many people have not heard sound doctrine, and it’s terrifying. Believe me, I live in the Bible belt, I am very familiar with this. I would check out John MacArthur, RC Sproul or Stephen Lawson. They are all great biblical teachers.
      Now, if you’ve heard sound doctrine and have come to faith, this would be the next suggestion.
      I think your biggest issue is that you’re focusing too much on your feelings. I, too, have the same issue! For me, I’m a very introspective person, and I focus a lot on how I feel as well. I found it difficult for myself at times to to differentiate the truth from my feelings. To be honest with you, I can’t tell you what it feels like to be saved. I know joy in things like that come from that, but if you’re a new believer, I may be that you’re just focusing too much on your feelings.

      You need to take your eyes off of yourself and put them on Christ. Peripheral things like creation are good to know, but they’re not the end all be all. We know that God‘s word is inerrant,. That means that He cannot lie! Everything in the Bible is true, because He himself is truth. The gospel of John says, “the word became flesh and dwelt among us.” The Word is Christ. Therefore, God’s word is true, He cannot lie. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of truth.
      Now, you have to ask yourself a really important question. Is God’s word true, or is it not? That’s the ultimate deal. You could sit and worry about things all day, and believe me I relate to you there, but ultimately the word is true or it’s not. CS Lewis said Jesus is either a liar, lunatic, or Lord. He’s one of those things, but He is. He is and He is one of those things.

      Faith comes from God. God allows us to believe, and he even gives us the faith to do so. I suggest reading through the entire book of Ephesians. That doesn’t mean that we just wait for a feeling to submit ourselves to Christ, we submit. But the only way we submit is if He lets us. If you have a desire to belong to Christ, that’s a very good thing. The natural man doesn’t care about Christ. If you think of it this way, we’re dead in our sins. We are literally dead men walking, and if we are literally dead in our sin, we cannot save ourselves. So who saves us then? God does.
      The Bible also says that whoever comes to him will not be cast out, that’s the great mystery of God.

      Hang in there, keep seeking.

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