5 Ways Christians are Getting Swept into a Secular Worldview in This Cultural Moment

So much has been said and is being said about the tragic death of George Floyd that it almost feels excessive to add to the conversation. But to continue on with the “regularly scheduled blog posts” without addressing such a significant event would also be bizarre. Many people have already written on how tragic and unjust Floyd’s death was. This post is not here to elaborate on that. If you’re reading this, I take it that you already agree. Many people are also addressing how unbiblical racism is, and that Christians should actively be working to combat it. This post is not here to elaborate on that either—again, if you’re reading this, I take it you agree. I say this up front, because I know some will read the following thoughts and think I don’t care about Floyd’s death or the problem of racial injustice because I’m not talking about them specifically. Please know that’s not the case; they just aren’t the focus of this particular blog post. What I do want to focus on are the problems I’ve seen with many Christians’ response to this cultural moment. In particular, it seems Christians are getting swept into a secular worldview as they respond to Floyd’s death…without even realizing it. Here are five ways I see that happening. As parents, it’s extremely important that we think carefully about these issues in order to raise kids who are prepared to grow up in a culture of this nature. 1. We’re too quickly jumping on social bandwagons hitched to secularism. Christians, we need to open our eyes to a very important fact: research shows that those committed to a biblical worldview are now a minority. This means that if everyone around you is jumping on a bandwagon of some kind, there’s a really good chance it’s not a bandwagon rooted in values consistent with a biblical worldview. Maybe that’s not the case in a given situation, but you won’t know unless you take the time to thoughtfully evaluate what’s going on and determine if this is a bandwagon a Christian should be on. If you don’t, you may unintentionally be espousing the values of a worldview in significant conflict with your own. How do we do a better job of being mindful of this? Carefully read statements of belief on the sites of organizations you support and promote. For example, before you champion the organization Black Lives Matter, be sure to read the statement of beliefs on their site (these reach far wider than a statement of black equality—their support for abortion, desire to “disrupt” the traditional family structure, and call to erase all gender lines are just a few of many concerns here). Before you donate, look at public financial statements to see where funds are being used. An organization’s statement of belief might be broad enough to not raise a red flag, but where the money goes speaks volumes. Don’t use hashtags until you understand where they originated, what they represent … Continue reading 5 Ways Christians are Getting Swept into a Secular Worldview in This Cultural Moment