8 Tips for Developing an Impactful Family Worship Time

8 Tips for Developing an Impactful Family Worship Time | Christian Mom ThoughtsAs you may recall from past posts I’ve written, our family does a nightly worship time together, consisting of Bible study, singing and prayer. We’ve been doing it for about two years now, and we’re constantly evolving what we do to make sure it’s having the spiritual impact it should for both us and our kids.

Today I’m guest posting about our experiences with it on the blog of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Click here to check out my “8 Tips for Developing an Impactful Family Worship Time.”

Whether you’ve never considered doing a family worship time or have been doing one for a while, this post will give you some ideas on what might work well for your family. I can tell you that nothing…absolutely nothing…we’ve done has impacted our young kids’ spiritual lives more than our nightly time together. And I promise it’s easy to do. Go check out my post and you’ll see what I mean.

On a side note, be sure to also check out the amazing array of Christian parenting resources offered by the National Center for Biblical Parenting here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on family worship. Do you do it? If so, what does your time look like? If not, what is your biggest challenge in getting started?

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  1. This is something I definitely hope to do with our son, Levi, when he comes of age (he’s currently only six months old). The challenge we face personally is with step one, finding structure. Beyond writing, I work full-time for Homeland Security in 12-hour shifts (days, days, off, off, nights, nights, nights, off, off, etc.). I have an awesome job that really enables me to pursue things such as writing, but the downside is that it eradicates any semblance of a regularly-scheduled life. When I work, my wife’s home – when I get home, she’s going to work, then I’m on night shift and waking up at 3:00 in the afternoon for work at 6:00 pm, and so on, and so on.

    But the thing about it is this: excuses are excuses, period, and we all can come up with them. Life’s always going to present built-in obstacles, be they work schedules, family situations, or downright apathy. The trouble comes when the routine becomes “not even trying.” I’m striving at the moment to get into an “unpatterned pattern” of Bible reading and spiritual time. It’s a challenge, but some things in life are worth it. At the height of that is growing one’s relationship and their family’s relationship with God. I don’t think there’s anything to figure out, even in a case like mine. You just do it when you can do it on a daily basis.

    With that SAID…I will take any and all prayer available for this. 🙂 It’s interesting that I read this entry today, as this morning was my re-commitment to getting that daily time going again. Everything for a reason.

    1. Hi Lee! I can imagine with conflicting schedules like that it’s really hard to find family time. I have to admit that our family schedule makes it fairly easy to do this each night (we both work from home!). So don’t be too hard on yourself. That said, you’re spot on about “not even trying.” I relate to that about other things – it seems too hard, so we just throw up our hands. When we know, however, that absolutely nothing should be more important than our kids’ spiritual development, it helps keep us focused on finding solutions rather than focusing on the problems. Your son is still little, so that gives you some time to figure it out! We started our family worship time when our older kids were about 2, but our youngest has been doing it along with us since she was tiny. She holds her Bible and looks at the pictures with us, then sings the songs. Always a way! 🙂 Hey, you mentioned in another comment that you might be interested in guest posting. I’m open to guest posts – send me an email through the contact form and let me know what you’re interested in!

  2. Our biggest challenge was just developing the routine of doing it. Usually it was dinner, family game time, bath and bed. Now we have to shuffle things around or delete things to make it happen. And evenings are the only time we can do it because my husband leaves for work at 5 in the morning! Usually I would take our youngest and nurse her to sleep in the evening in a quiet area of the house and my husband would corral the others and get them ready. I’ve had to give that up, (not the nursing, but the nursing in a quiet room! ) to join the worship time. Ours looks different depending on what we are doing, and is only loosely structured. Often the kids will ask to do something we hadn’t planned, and we’ll go with that instead. One month we did Proverbs. Another we did Esther and learned a Psalm. Now we are doing the Fruit of the Holy Spirit!

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