Andy Stanley Has Gone Off the Cliff (and Why It’s Important to Talk about It)

Andy Stanley heads one of the largest churches in America, with over 38,000 people in attendance each week across eight locations. For years, he was considered by many to be a biblically sound teacher. But in more recent times, there have been concerns that he is shifting to more progressive views. Because of his past credibility, however, many people have wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. In this week’s Unshaken Faith episode, Alisa Childers and I talk about new information that should make it reasonably clear where Stanley stands. It brings us no joy to do this episode, but, for reasons we explain in it, we believe it’s important that people know. Also, I don’t normally do a blog post like this for new Unshaken Faith episodes, but I felt this was important to highlight as a subject.

For those who are newer to my ministry content, I want to clarify that I have two podcasts. I have my personal one, which is called The Natasha Crain Podcast, and I publish new episodes roughly every two weeks right now (these are the episodes I normally feature in blog posts). I also do a joint podcast with Alisa Childers called Unshaken Faith, and we publish new 15-minute episodes every Wednesday.

With that said, I’m highlighting this week’s Unshaken Faith episode in today’s post, but there’s also a new episode out this morning on The Natasha Crain Podcast. It’s called, “Living Counter Culturally Can Make Your Kids Resent Christianity.” Raising kids in an increasingly challenging world means we have to be intentional in raising them in a counter cultural way. But if we’re not careful in how we do it, it can lead to our kids’ resentment of Christianity over time. In today’s short (10 min) episode, I talk about four ways that can happen and how to avoid it.

To listen to either of these episodes, search for The Natasha Crain Podcast and the Unshaken Faith Podcast in your podcast player and be sure to subscribe! If you don’t normally listen to podcasts (and don’t have a player), you can always listen to episodes of either podcast in your browser by clicking those same links.

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