Answering Your Kids’ Tough Faith Questions: My Focus on the Family Interview Airs Today!

Today on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast, president Jim Daly and co-host/VP John Fuller interview me on answering your kids’ tough faith questions! The interview is based on my first book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side. You can hear it on local radio stations, watch it on YouTube (embedded at the end of this post), or listen on a podcast app. If you don’t already have a copy of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, you can get one from Focus on the Family for a gift of any amount! Check out this page for more information and related resources.

This is the second interview I’ve done with Focus on the Family. The first one aired last January and turned out to be one of their most popular of the year! They re-aired it at the end of December as one of their “Best of 2019.” That one was based on my second book, Talking with Your Kids about God. If you missed it, I’m embedding that interview from YouTube below as well.

Finally, on a side note, I’m considering creating some of my own short videos this year on the same types of subjects as you read about here on my blog. They wouldn’t replace what I write here (I’ll always primarily be an author at heart!), but would possibly be in addition to it. I’ve created a YouTube channel where I would put that content. If you’re interested, click here to subscribe to my channel. Although I haven’t created any videos there yet, I’ve made two playlists of various interviews I’ve done with others. Be sure to check those out!

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