Best of Christian Mom Thoughts: 15 Favorite Posts

It was a year ago this week that I started this blog! Thank you so much for reading. Every time you leave a comment, click like or share, or send me an email, it means a lot to me! It has been a huge blessing to write here and I hope that some of the posts have blessed you as well.

As I write this, our house has been decimated by the flu. In celebration of this blog-iversary, and in attempt to avoid writing an original post when I can’t sit up, I wanted to share links to 15 “best of” posts you may have missed over the year. Some of these are the most shared posts by readers and some are simply posts I personally enjoyed writing the most.

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Without further ado, here are 15 posts you may have missed that I think you’ll enjoy (from oldest to newest). 

1.    Fruits of the Spirit: Grading Yourself as a Christian

Ever feel like your life looks nothing like the fruits of the Spirit? Check this one out for encouragement.

2.    Seeking Peace…Finding Boredom

This is a good one to read if you are determined to have a more peaceful holiday season this year!

3.    Heart-Led Versus Head-Led Christians

My head often gets in the way of my heart in matters of faith. Here’s how that impacts parenting.

4.    The Most Important New Year’s Resolution for a Christian Parent

It’s not too early to consider your New Year’s resolutions…this is a big one.

5.    What to Teach Kids About Unanswered Prayer

We’ll all have to address this at some point. Here are key talking points.

6.    10 Things Children Should Learn About Faith

I took the 245 New Testament references to faith and categorized them into 10 key learning points.

7.    Dear Children: Live Like You’re Dying Tomorrow

A letter to my children about the importance of addressing faith today, not tomorrow.  

8.    5 Steps to Teaching Kids to Listen to God in Prayer

If you feel like the only Christian who doesn’t “hear” God in prayer, this one is for you.

9.    6 Steps for Confronting Doubt as a Christian Parent

When you have a lot of faith struggles yourself, it makes Christian parenting even more difficult. Here are 6 action steps.

10.  40 Things to Expect from a Christian Life

Being a Christian can be lonely. We wonder if what we experience is “normal.” Here are 40 things I will share with my kids, based on my own experience, about what to expect from a Christian life.

11.  What I Hope My Kids Will Say at My Funeral

The results of my soul searching exercise to figure out what kind of mom I really want to be.

12.  Teachable Moment: Dealing With Impatience

An honest and unflattering look at my struggle with impatience…and what we can teach our kids about it.

13.  8 Faith-Based Reasons You Should Apologize to Your Kids

Apologizing to our kids when warranted is very important. Here’s why it matters.

14.  60 Faith Questions I Hope to Answer Before My Kids Leave Home

My ultimate compilation of faith questions I want to discuss with my kids.

15. 16 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

A recent post that was the most shared of all.

I hope you find something here that blesses you today!

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