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Frequently Asked Questions

I receive some common questions about my books, so I’ve compiled this FAQ to help you out!

What age range of kids are your books written for? Expand

My books are written directly to parents, not kids. They’re intended to equip YOU, the parent, with the understanding needed to have the conversations that matter most in today’s world. After you gain this knowledge, you’ll be prepared to tailor it to your kids’ ages and readiness over time.

That said, both Talking with Your Kids about God and Talking with Your Kids about Jesus have step-by-step conversation guides at the end of every chapter to help you get the conversations going!

What’s the difference between your books? Do they cover similar content? Expand

My three books cover completely different conversations (100 in total across all of them!). The running theme, however, is that they address the faith conversations that are most important given the secular challenges kids will encounter today. 

Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is an “apologetics 101” for Christian parents, covering a broad survey of subjects on God, Jesus, truth and worldviews, and the Bible (apologetics is making a case for and defending the truth of Christianity).

Talking with Your Kids about God covers 30 conversations specifically about God (e.g., evidence for God’s existence, science and God, the nature of God, and the difference God makes).

Talking with Your Kids about Jesus covers 30 conversations specifically about Jesus (e.g., the identity of Jesus, teachings of Jesus, death of Jesus, resurrection of Jesus, and the difference Jesus makes).

These books complement one another and are designed to be a collection to read and reference for years to come.

Which book should I read first? Expand

There’s no particular order in which my books need to be read. I recommend checking out the tables of contents for each one and starting with the one that interests you most. That said, there are some circumstances that might lead you to choose one book over another to start. For example…

If you have a child/spouse/friend who is turning to or has turned to atheism, I recommend starting with Talking with Your Kids about God

If you have a child/spouse/friend who has questions about Christianity specifically (how do we know Christianity is the ONE true religion?), I recommend starting with Talking with Your Kids about Jesus.

If you want a little of everything, I recommend starting with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side. This book also includes conversations on the reliability of the Bible and age of the Earth/evolution if those are areas of particular interest to you.

At what age should my kids start learning these things? Expand

From the age they start learning about Jesus! That doesn’t mean that small children will understand the topics at the same depth as a teenager, but rather that you can begin planting seeds from a very young age with the vast majority of these subjects. Once you understand the types of conversations you need to have with your kids in today’s world, you’ll start seeing opportunities in everyday life to bring them up. Maybe your kids aren’t old enough, for example, to understand all the detailed arguments for God’s existence, but even a four-year-old can understand the concept that God doesn’t ask us to blindly believe in him; he’s given us much evidence to know he is there. As they grow you can continually build on that foundation with pieces of evidence they can understand. But it all starts with YOU having the knowledge. That’s what these books will give you.

I want to write a book and/or speak. How do I get started? Expand

This is a very involved discussion, and one that requires a personal answer, based on your goals, background experiences, credentials, and current platform. Unfortunately, given my family and ministry commitments, I’m unable to help individuals with feedback in this area. But there are MANY resources online to help you. I recommend starting at, where you can learn about book proposals and writing from a seasoned acquisitions editor. The Books & Such Literary Agency also has a blog with a wealth of information.

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