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A Call to Action: How to Get Your Christian Parenting Priorities Right This Year

How to Get Your Christian Parenting Priorities Right This Year

Happy New Year! I really enjoyed my blogging break and am excited to start posting again. I love the start of a new year because it feels like there are so many opportunities to adjust the things in your life you know aren’t quite right. Yet everyone knows the vast majority of resolutions are doomed to failure. Why is that? A lot of it has to do with priorities. We just won’t end up changing something unless that change is more important to us than all the other things competing for our Read More…

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Back to School or Back to Chaos: How Much Time Does YOUR Family Have for God?

My twins started preschool last week – a big milestone for our family! Even though they are only going two mornings per week, it represents a fairly big change in our schedule. One of the two mornings they go used to be dedicated “mommy time” (I work two days per week, so I’m not necessarily with them every day). Concurrent with preschool starting, Kenna is beginning ballet on Saturday mornings and Nathan is beginning tee-ball at the same time. These Saturday morning activities are replacing Read More…

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How to Start Writing Family Spiritual Goals: One Example

I’ve been thinking a lot about the key findings from the Revolutionary Parenting book I outlined in my last post. There is so much to take away from Barna’s findings, but what convicted me to most immediate action was this one: “Another of the distinctive qualities of Revolutionary Parents was that they set tangible and measurable parenting goals and held themselves accountable. Three out of every four of these parents (73 percent) developed and pursued goals. That’s about fifteen times Read More…

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A Must Read for All Christian Families: Revolutionary Parenting

I just finished reading the book “Revolutionary Parenting:  Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions” by George Barna.  I couldn’t put it down! It was so compelling and directly relevant to the focus of this blog (intentional Christian parenting) that today I want to share several key highlights from it. The author, George Barna, is the founder of the Barna Group, a leading market research company in tracking and analyzing matters of faith. The extensive research the Barna Group Read More…

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8 Faith-Based Reasons You Should Apologize to Your Kids

There are days when I put the kids to bed and feel like I should be handed an Olympic medal for my performance as a mom in the most trying of situations (OK, not many, but maybe once a year). Then there are days that I put the kids to bed, close the door, and fold my face into my heads thinking of how I handled the challenges that came my way that day. One night last week, I visited a friend on a “face in the hands” day. I told her how disappointed I was in my handling of a situation and how Read More…

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Why Are We Surprised By Random Acts of Evil?

Ever since I heard the news of Friday’s theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I’ve felt like there is a dark cloud looming over me. The horrifying tragedy of 12 people dying so suddenly and senselessly has left me preoccupied with grief and shock. Like many others, I’ve read countless news updates that are slowly crafting a more comprehensive picture of the shooter. I’m glued with curiosity to the details of his life, trying to understand just how this could happen; just what life story Read More…

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9 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Praying Out Loud

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of praying out loud with your children: Prayer is the heart of a relationship with Jesus.  How can there be relationship without communication? If we want our kids to develop a relationship with Him, they have to become comfortable with prayer, and that is much less likely to happen if they only hear prayers in church on Sundays. Praying as a family is critical. Despite the importance of family prayer, it has been very difficult for me to overcome Read More…

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Are You Giving Your Children a Christian Worldview?

In April, I wrote about “My Personal Story With Infertility.” In that post I mentioned that we still have a frozen embryo with the infertility clinic, and are planning to transfer it to me this year to give it a chance at life. Last week I had a preliminary appointment with the doctor and I entered that office for the first time in six years. I walked into the reception area filled with couples and took my seat. I got out my phone and occupied myself online for a good hour. I eventually looked Read More…

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