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Family Picture - October 2011Thank you for taking the time to check out this new blog!  I am honored you are here.


I know you are busy and get bombarded with sites to visit, articles to read and emails to receive. I don’t want Christian Mom Thoughts to become more clutter in your life. But, if I may be so bold, I will say this:  For a Christian parent, there are not many topics more important in life than the one this blog addresses . . .

How do you raise your kids to be Christ-followers in a home where faith means more than going to church on Sundays?


There is no single answer to that question, but rather many answers and many ways, all of which have a profound and life-changing impact to offer you and your children. I’m on this journey myself, as a mom of three children under three, and am hoping to inspire you to make this question a primary focus of your life too. The areas I’ll be addressing are prayer, Bible study, service, worship, conversation starters, role modeling, parental choices, teachable moments and personal spiritual development.


For some people, I’m sure these things come very naturally and are sewn together throughout their day without having to ever consider the pattern. For me, I’ve found I have to be intentional about it. Otherwise, my days just come and go. I need a pattern and I need a plan.

  • If you are a Christian parent for whom building a Christ-centered home comes “naturally” . . . this blog is for you. I am thankful you are here and hope you will share your experiences and insights. My goal is to inspire you with fresh thoughts and ideas.
  • If you are a Christian parent, like me, for whom building a Christ-centered home does not come “naturally” . . . this blog is for you. I hope this blog will inspire you to desire this goal passionately and give you many ideas for how to intentionally pursue it.
  • If you are a Christian parent who isn’t sure what a “Christ-centered” home would look like relative to your current home . . . this blog is for you. I am writing it to help define what impact Christ can have in your daily life and inspire you to pursue a “Christ-centered” home whole-heartedly.
  • If you are a parent seeking to learn about Christianity . . . this blog is for you. My hope is that you will see the difference following Christ makes in daily life.

Would you join me on this journey? You can check the site for updates at any time, but the best way is to subscribe to email updates using the box at the top of the site (“Get new posts sent directly to your email”). You can also subscribe to the RSS feed if you use an RSS reader.


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You can read more about the goals of this blog on the “New Here?” page. If you want to learn more about me personally, and especially about my faith journey, you can visit the “About Me” page.

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    1. Natasha @ Christian Mom Thoughts

      At the end of each post there are buttons to like/send an individual post item on Facebook. That said, I did not originally create a Facebook page for the site overall. I thought I would do that later at some point, but your comment inspired me and there is now a page for Christian Mom Thoughts. 🙂 See the right side bar for the like button to connect to it. I will be sure to post links to updates there going forward. You can share from FB directly in that case or share using the buttons at the end of a post. Thanks Jeannine!!

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