Critical Thinking in a Secular Culture [Podcast #7]

There are a lot of competing ideas in today’s culture, and it’s important that Christians understand how to think critically about the nature of these ideas from a worldview perspective. In this episode, I:

1. Explain THE most important thing that separates a biblical worldview from a secular worldview (this one concept truly makes sense of nearly all the debates you see today).

2. Explain how that concept defines the dominant secular view of God, man, and morality.

3. Apply all this to how we can think more critically about common secular sentiments, using 5 examples:

  • “The Christian view of sexuality is [fill in the blank with hateful/repressive/stupid/etc.].”
  • “Live and let live. If you believe something, then live that way and let others live their way.”
  • “Don’t you want to be on the right side of history?”
  • “Follow your heart.”/”Be true to yourself.”
  • “I don’t want to put God in a box.”/”Why do you think you know more about God than I do?”

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