How to Discern Truth from Culture’s Lies, with Pastor Jack Hibbs

Today on The Natasha Crain Podcast, I talk with Pastor Jack Hibbs about some of the most pressing examples of deception in the church. (Pastor Jack is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, which is a community of 10,000 members in southern California. His podcast attracts 250,000 listeners monthly, and he broadcasts to 800 radio stations daily.)

Our discussion is based on his new (excellent!) book, Living in the Daze of Deception: How to Discern Truth from Culture’s Lies.

You will LOVE this discussion! Don’t miss it. We talked about subjects like:

  • What Christians should look for when they decide whom to follow in their spiritual lives;
  • What false teachers look for when working to deceive;
  • Why “easy believism” is a form of spiritual deception;
  • Why one of the significant marks of a woke church is the avoidance of teaching the Old Testament;
  • The difference between a biblical and deceptive call for unity;
  • Why Christians should be concerned about globalism;
  • How Christians should respond to DEI training at work;
  • …and much more!

Listen in your favorite podcast player (be sure to subscribe while there!) or in your browser here.

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