How to Teach Your Kids about Non-Christian Worldviews [Podcast #2]

In this episode, I share my best insights and practical tips for talking with your kids about non-Christian worldviews, based on our months of doing this as a formal part of our homeschool schedule. (You do not need to be homeschooling to implement any of what I talk about–this is for all parents!)

This episode will explain:

  1. Why it’s mission critical for Christian parents to teach kids about non-Christian worldviews.
  2. Three key things kids should understand about the nature of studying world religions before you even start discussing.
  3. Three “best practices” from my experience for how to discuss the particulars of other religions.

In addition, I’m doing a giveaway of the forthcoming Popular Handbook of World Religions to 5 lucky winners! As I discuss in the episode, this is a hugely valuable resource for Christian parents.

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Resources mentioned in the show:

A Day in the Life of a Buddhist Monk

Sikhism and Christianity

What is the Purpose of Life? Sikhism Sikhs

What is the Baha’i Faith? An Introduction by Rainn Wilson

The Baha’i Faith – A Gentle Introduction

Kids Book of World Religions

Sample Venn diagram my 6th graders did comparing and contrasting Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism:

For more on explaining to kids why all religions cannot be equally true, see Chapter 10 in my book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side.

For resources to equip you to explain why there’s good reason to believe Christianity is true and how to answer challenges, see my two other books as well:

Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

Talking with Your Kids about God

Listen to the episode in your browser below, or find it under “The Natasha Crain Podcast” on your favorite podcast player!

129 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Kids about Non-Christian Worldviews [Podcast #2]”

  1. Done and done! (I’ve put the title on my wishlist- thank you!)
    My review: “If you are on the lookout for some theologically sound, gospel-centric apologetics geared towards parents who are looking for resources in explaining the world to their kids, I would highly recommend this gal!“
    I would love to hear how you would recommend middle schoolers to respond to their friends with the worldview that sex is a commodity, rather than a beautiful gift with a proper place.

    1. Topic for Podcast:
      -Practical day to day and weekly ideas we can do do equip our kids at each age level! I know in your books you mention question night once a week, but even more ideas that can be applicable for toddlers, elementary, middle, and high school kiddos!

      Apple Review:
      -Posted the day after your first episode came out. Title is EXCELLENT by Emandbrad
      -I have read 2 of Natasha’s books and am working my way through her latest. Just like her exceptional ability in her writing to communicate clearly, concisely, to-the-point, and humbly, she does so through her podcast as well! She is a natural broadcaster, and I love the straightforward facts she brings to any given topic. She works tirelessly to represent opposing views correctly and engages them respectably, but with no fear of speaking the truth in love. She is articulate, well-researched, and does a fantastic job equipping parents to convey God’s Biblical truth to their kids and establish a Godly worldview as religious minorities in this ever-increasing dark world. THANK YOU!!!

      -shared your first podcast episode link on 1/22/21 saying I was so excited you came out with a podcast and have read 2/3 of your books and can’t recommend enough!
      -shared this episode link through Spotify to my stories on 2/2/21 saying such an great episode on how to equip our kiddos to engage with differing world views!

      Thank you SO much for all you do!!

  2. I just left a review on Apple podcast! I’ve also shared your email website and podcast with several of my friends and pastor’s wife who does our children’s ministry at church. Your books and podcast are an amazing resource. I just found your books and am already having amazing convos with my 7 year old twins. This morning we discussed world views around a billboard we saw and they both sound “oh now I get it, so interesting!” 🥰🥰 The little light bulbs going off are so fun to see! Thank you again!

    1. Just shared your podcast on our church’s kids ministry Facebook page as a resource for parents! Great helps for parents! Thank you!

  3. Copy of my review on Apple:
    Amazing Resource:
    What an amazing resource and wealth of knowledge Natasha is! She shares her ideas, verbiage, and how tos in a simple, concise and easy to understand way. Thank you so much! Loving everything about this! I feel so prepared in convos with my kids and we’ve had such amazing exchanges since listening to your books and podcast!

  4. I do not have social media but have sent links and recommendations for your books and podcasts to several friends and as I mentioned before, my pastor’s wife who does our children’s ministry. I can’t wait to use your ideas in discussion with the kids at church. The discussions with my own have already been so amazing! Again, thank you!

    1. I don’t have social media accounts but I really want this book. I have 5 kids in public school and it is very scary what they teach. I dont have the resources to send them to private school and I feel so incompetent homeschooling because English is not my first language.

  5. I hope to hear you cover raising kids in a household with parents that have two different world views.

    1. My review from the podcast: Thank you for putting the work in to give us parents valuable information to help us disciple our kids. You’ve given me a great place to start!

  6. I’d love to hear a podcast on how to teach logic. Do you start with good arguments, fallacies, random examples? I think I need to teach logic before I can explain how Christianity makes sense logically compared to other worldviews. Or can I teach logic and worldviews simultaneously? I don’t homeschool so these teachable moments with my kids are short and I’m trying to find a structure or order.

    I don’t have Apple Podcast… so no review for you there from me 🙁

    Here’s what I shared on my social media:
    Did you know 65% of Americans self identify as Christians, but only 10% of Americans actually hold a Biblical worldview?

    Christian parents, our kids are growing up in a completely different world than we did. Simply teaching Bible stories isn’t enough. If you are concerned about your kids understanding the Bible now or leaving Christianity in the future, then The Natasha Crain Podcast is for you.

    In this episode, Natasha gives us tips on how we can explain to our kids the downward spiral of our culture morally, spiritually, and politically.

  7. Facebook post with comment: “Anyone who knows I have posted about Natasha’s books won’t be surprised to see me shilling her new podcast 🙂 I don’t do “podcast platforms” like Apple or Spotify, but you can find her here to start.”

  8. I have read all 3 of her books and was so excited to hear she was starting a podcast! These are a must read for all parents who are raising the next generation. I would love to hear her ideas on how to teach apologetics to teens that have been shaped by secular world views and were not taught about Christ in the early years, but have come to know Him in their teen years. How do you help them reshape their world view?

  9. How to encourage children who are keenly aware of what is happening in our country and to prepare them to stand when things get difficult.

  10. Hi, Natasha! Thank you so much for starting a podcast. I’m loving it so far. I would love to hear you discuss ways to help our kids identify the idols of our culture today – materialism, individualism, self-help”ism”, etc. I’d also love to hear you talk about how you teach logic to your kids. As the mom of a 14, 11, 7, and 3 year old, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate logic into our learning. Thanks!

  11. Apple Podcast comment: I listen to many podcasts, but this one I look forward to when a new episode is released. She has 3 books. They are a must read if you are a parent. Start them early because it’s never too young to begin teaching your children apologetics. Don’t wait until they are teenagers. You will be so thankful you did!

  12. My husband and I love your books. (You actually met my husband at the Apologetics Conference in NC at SES a few years back. He was hosting a breakout session you attended – or tried to attend because the room was full.)

    We recently started homeschooling our boys (ages 11 and 9) and love that we can also weave more theology/bible studies/etc in with our kids’ curriculum. I refer to your books often just to strike up conversations with them.

    I am looking forward to listening to your podcasts. I subscribed and can’t wait. Thank you for all you do for parents/kids. You are a true blessing.

    FB share: Great author and resource for talking to your kids about God. Now she has a podcast. I am listening to these today while I am on the treadmill. I am excited to listen. Subscribe.

  13. Here is my review from apple podcast: “I’ve loved Natasha Crain’s books, so I was thrilled when I learned she began a. It has not disappointed…She addresses such important topics with concise clarity and direction. This is important to me as a busy mom of four kids! Definitely take the time to listen to her podcast.”

  14. Hey, Natasha!

    So excited to be seeing this podcast show up in my podcast app. I can’t wait to jump in as you lead parents in helping their kids think more critically about all of life. I’ve shared your podcast with my Facebook friends (mostly parents of young children) and hope they subscribe.

    I would love to see you address talking to your kids about puberty and the changes that take place in their bodies (helping parents to do this would be great) in conjunction with why they may see others in their schools who are their age and are not going through these changes due to hormone treatments or otherwise. I think that would make an interesting conversation.

    As always, keep up the great work! Glad to be laboring alongside you for the defense and confirmation of the Christian worldview against all opposition.

  15. Review on Apple Podcasts:
    THE podcast I didn’t know I needed!
    This podcast has taught me SO much already! I love how Natasha provides clear examples of what to say to our kids. Natasha teaches us, as parents, how to guide our children to make decisions for themselves in regards to Truth. This podcast is all about loving God with our MINDS. Our children must learn to understand why they believe what they believe. So grateful for this podcast, thank you Natasha!!

    1. Shared podcast to Instagram stories @abbyrooks:
      “If you want to guide your children to understand *why* they believe what they believe, go listen to @natasharcrain and her new podcast! A wonderful resource for parents!

  16. Shared on FB with ladies in my Bible Study that have children at home. —-I mentioned this book in Bible Study and she just started a new podcast. 🙂 If you would plz share it with Talana. I’m not sure if she’s on social media. Thx ladies! Hope all is well. Miss you guys!

  17. Hi Natasha,
    I’ve been loving the podcast!! I feel like you are hitting on exactly what Christian parents need to hear, right now. Thank you for all your encouragement and wisdom. I would love to hear more about how to teach my kids logic – as someone said above – and also how to organize my teaching of apologetics to my kids…are you coming out with an open-and-go curriculum at any point?? I love your books, I just don’t know how to best organize myself in sharing with my kids in a thoughtful, logical way. (and please enter me into the drawing, thanks!!)

  18. Allison Chandler

    I have shared my rating of 5 stars with a comment saying:
    As a grandmother raising their grandchild, Ms Crain’s books, blog and now podcasts are inspirational and informative! (Paraphrased since after I submitted I couldn’t find it.)

    I would love Ms Crain to tackle in-depth how to discuss homosexuality, transgenders, etc. with children.

  19. Maybe a podcast to explain postmodernism. A way to teach kids the difference between objective and subjective truth.

  20. Allison Chandler

    Shared on Facebook to all of my friends with the link to the latest podcast. I actually had already shared the first podcast on FB.

    “Another wonderful message whether you have kids or not. Strongly recommend for anyone interested in the different world views that shape our society.”

  21. Thank you for putting yourself out of your comfort zone by creating this podcast. The worldview discussion is imperative for us and I have been considering how to approach it. My daughters friends include a Hindi family that basically believes all roads lead to God and a family that teaches their kids it is best not to have a religion because religion will make you a target for people to ridicule. Although I have been a Christian my entire life it was only a year ago that I learned about apologetics and I am soaking up everything I can so I can shower my children with the solid foundation I had always longed for.
    I would appreciate a podcast that would teach me more on how to teach kids how we got the Bible and how we can know it is reliable, and on the topic of fine tuning. I am trying to learn and read and so much just seems to go over my head.
    I don’t have Apple products but I left a positive review on Castbox where I listen to podcasts. I also shared your podcast on Twitter.

  22. Hey Natasha!!!,
    Blessings!!! Hey my oldest claims to be gay. I know that GOD condemns that behavior, I am wondering h0w I would go about talking to him about thos issue. Also he is an adult now, hes 23. He told me once that people are born that way and I told him I didn’t believe that. I really hope you could maybe give me some suggestions. I want to say that I appreciate you and your ministry. Also I have a copy of each of your three books, they are awesome, thank you!!! Your friend in Niwot Colorado, Eddie Harshaw 🤟

  23. Apple review: “An absolute must for families following Jesus!
    I’ve been following Natasha’s blog for some time. Her blog and podcasts are thoughtfully written to help equip Christian families to interact with the world around them in a loving way.” Thank you, Natasha, for jumping on the podcast wagon!

  24. Natasha Crain has some good information to offer Christian parents. Check out her podcast and books- shared from Facebook 🙂

  25. Heather Cappetta

    Left a review and posted on my Facebook page. Thank you! Our oldest daughter approached us in her junior year of high school and wanted to study and go to some other religious organizations. Her reasoning was so that she could better know what her friends believed. She wanted to be able to talk with them about their different world views. It was an amazing journey for her and for our whole family. She is a Christian pastors daughter!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast by Natasha Crain on
    How to teach your children about Non Christian world views

  26. I am loving the podcast and leaving a review on apple podcasts. Would love if you would do an episode on how to talk to kids about differences between Christian denominations…especially Catholic and Protestant differences. How do I explain that we are all “Christians” but don’t share the same beliefs? Thanks 🙂

  27. I appreciate you stressing the point to not make fun of other beliefs when studying different religions. Great podcast! As I plan us venturing into homeschool territory, this was very encouraging.

  28. Thank you Natasha Crain. I have all your books, use them frequently, and a number of friends have bought them at my recommendation. But at this stage of my life podcasts are where it is at and I have posted about it on Facebook and will be telling my friends about it.

    I would love to hear about logic and how to teach it to children. We are using the Elizabeth’s Foundational Worldview curriculum to start the conversation about worldview this year and it has been so good, but I really love your ideas for taking it deeper next year as they get older.

    Apple review: So much great information!
    I am definitely going to be listening more than once and recommending them to all my friends.

  29. I would like to hear about how to prepare our children emotionally (not necessarily apologetically) for the times when they are seen as odd (best case) and/or belittled/shunned (worst case) for their beliefs.

  30. This is what my family is missing! I’m so excited to share these ideas with my family and integrate them into our homeschool. I know that I,myself, have so much to learn and this simplifies the process in a way that doesn’t feel so overwhelming. For anyone who isn’t sure where to start… Start Here!

  31. Thank you Natasha! This is excellent, well presented content. I would love to hear a podcast about Progressive Christianity/Liberal Theology/Liberal Denominations that do not hold to the authority of Scripture.

  32. Posted the link on our church’s family website. “Should you talk to your children about other worldviews? If so, how do you begin? This podcast is practical and easy to digest. “

    Really appreciate how you make complex issues easy to understand. I’ve recommended your books to families at our church.

  33. Rosalinda Marticorena

    Natasha, you are true light on this upside-down culture. You have blessed my family and my church family! My 13 and 14 year daughters are the beneficiaries of your wonderful books and resources 💕 It was an incredible experience to hear you at the Biola Women’s Apologitics Conference. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you today and always. Humbly, Rosalinda M

  34. These first two episodes were excellent – thank you for doing this! I left the following review on Apple (As a parent of three boys (high school down to kindergarten), I have enjoyed Natasha’s books and I am so excited about this podcast! The first two episodes were excellent and equipped me to have some much needed conversations as a family. I love how Natasha gives practical examples and a game plan that is easy to follow. But she also does it in a gracious and loving way, stressing that we must raise our kids to be able to listen and understand others without a judgmental and condescending manner. This is so needed in today’s world. Thank you Natasha for this excellent resource!).

    I also shared in a FB moms group with a link and I said (Natasha Crain writes books that equip parents to have conversations about God and Christianity with their kids (apologetics for kids) They are excellent resources! She just started a podcast last week. I listened to the first 2 episodes today and I can’t recommend it enough! If you enjoy podcasts, I encourage you to add these to your list!)

    And I loved what you shared about the BLAH class you are doing with your kids. You should consider putting together a curriculum outline to help other parents do something similar – a launching pad of sorts. I know I would be interested!!

  35. I home school aswell and would love to hear more about teaching logic. Resources and explaining exactly what it covers. Also I would love to hear about your favourite resources that you use teaching BLAW. Thanks so much love the new podcast

  36. Hello Natasha,
    Copy of the review that I left on Apple (after trying 30 nicknames 🙂 )
    “What an incredible resource for parents! Thank You, Natasha for taking the time to equip us as we try to teach our children. I’ve been taking notes and gleaning so much. I’ve already shared the podcast with many friends.”

    I’ve already used your advice from the first podcast with my kids and it led to a good discussion. Also using your book, talking to your kids about God in our homeschool.

    Future topics I’d like to see are:
    *How to explain the trinity to children
    *different worldviews
    *the kind of questions to ask when we see advertisements or shows

    Really appreciate your work and resources. Thank You.

  37. My review on Apple Podcast: I have read all 3 of Natasha’s books and they are excellent! I was so excited to know you started a podcast because you provide such valuable information that our kids need to hear from their parents when it comes to Christianity and how to strengthen their faith with truth. You speak so clearly and with great examples that makes it easy for parents to understand. I have been encouraged to dive deeper into apologetics for not only me but for my kids so that I can prepare them for the world views they will encounter.

    I would be interested in podcasts on different religions and teaching our kids discernment.

    I shard your podcast with the families in my small group. I have read your books and thought they were great to read through with our small group families. It was been great to hear how all the kids (ages 5-11) have responded to the questions in your books.

    Thank you for speaking truth when it needs to be heard!

  38. In a future episode, I would love to hear you show us how to begin in teaching our kids apologetics, perhaps walk us through something. It feels very daunting and overwhelming to just get started.

    I’d also love to hear maybe a podcast addressed to the kids if you ever got around to something like that.

  39. I can’t figure out how to find my Apple review but it starts out as saying, “This feels like an answer to prayer: I’be felt the need to ‘step up my game,’ so to speak, on teaching my kids a Biblical worldview. “

    Can’t wait for more!

  40. I love this podcast!! I already have your last two books. I so appreciate your ability to articulate biblical truth and break it down for us to share with our kids. I live in. Ontario Canada and there are so many cultures and world views, so the idea of teaching my kids and learning with them is a great idea. I would love to see a podcast episode on how Christian should approach the subject of transgender and gender identity. My children have already encountered a relationship with a child who is biologically a girl and now identifies as a boy (at age 3 and with parents support) I told my boys that we know God does not make mistakes and that He makes male and female, but sadly some people don’t believe in God or they believe He makes mistakes. We still need to be kind to this child. Not sure if other Christians would agree or disagree with our approach.

  41. Left a review on the Podcast and also shared it on my IG stories and tagged Natasha in it.
    I love Natasha’s writing, and now she has a podcast!!! She has such a wonderful way of encouraging mothers to engage with their children and not shy away from teaching them apologetics. She breaks things down into ways that are accessible to everyone, and shares loads of resources. As Christians we must know what we believe and why we believe it, and to be able to explain our faith and defend it. I also love that she encourages her kids to not just blindly believe in a Christianity because their parents do, but because it is the Truth and they need to be equipped to do their own digging and critical thinking about their own faith. ❤️

  42. Great podcast, as usual! However, as excellent as it is, I felt there was one thing missing in a presentation for kids on comparing world religions and assessing how to make a decision as to which one is correct.

    Although your criteria of measurement was how other world beliefs compared to “reality,” there was no explanation of what you meant by reality. I assume you meant the reality of everyday life and living? Yet teachings of any religion, because it consists of many spiritual declarations about heavenly things (even if wrong), cannot be judged or proven by looking at the reality of everyday life.

    Measurement can only be made by presenting a fixed standard of truth to use for assessing. Of course, as Christians, we believe the Bible is the standard of truth by which all beliefs should be measured. But by what criteria should the Bible be even presented as the standard any more than the sacred books claimed as divine by other religions? Kids need to know this.

    In a kid’s mind, I think this question should be included and addressed when comparing world religions: “Why should the Bible be chosen as the standard of truth to measure world religions by, over and above other sacred books world religions also claim have a divine origin?” We might say that apologetics is the answer, and you mentioned the necessity for parents to read books on apologetics. Yes, they are good. But this is because they are written by devoted Christians. However, to an outsider, or someone trying to make a choice, they are obviously slanted and not objective. A scholar from Buddhism or Hinduism can also produce convincing apologetics.

    Therefore, kids need to be presented with a “logical” answer as to how and why the divine book of the Bible should rate above other world religions’ sacred books. Otherwise, kids will think that the only reason we say the Bible is the established standard, is just because we happen to be Christians.

  43. Natasha, The above is not a criticism, but it is what I see that I would need to emphasize to my kids. In fact, your podcast is so great, I’m going to advertise it on FB and MeWe (the latter my new social media platform).

  44. I posted this to our church newsletter: “Natasha Crain is the author of three books including Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith. I love her blog, and she has just launched a podcast series focusing on faith and family in a secular world. You can find links to her blog and her first podcast, “America’s Downward Spiral: What Should You Say to your Kids?” on her website”

  45. Thank you so much!! This is exactly the direction for teaching this material to my kids that I needed to hear. What you’ve worked on at home and shared with everyone is brilliant. Keep going!

  46. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of apologetics with us Natasha! I share your podcast, books, and blog with friends all the time! I just left an a review on Apple podcasts, but I think it went to get reviewed first. I look forward to hearing more about CONNECTING our faith to our COMMUNITY!

  47. I’d like to leave a topic recommendation! You probably already have it planned, but I’d love to hear more of what you did in this podcast with the other aspects of your BLAW approach. How do you set up the why of doing the topic with your kids? How do you introduce each topic? How do you guide your kids in exploring/discussing/applying the ideas? What resources do you use to guide you, etc? It will be much less intimidating to dive into these conversations with a guiding framework and lots of good resources!

  48. Just found your podcast! Loving this episode on world religion! Would love an episode on talking to your kids about heaven. My 4 year old starts crying every time we talk about heaven saying he doesn’t want to go.

  49. I also posted the link on Facebook: I think that if we are honest with ourselves… there are several things we can learn from this past 11 months… That humans are not fully in control of their lives. That human life has substantial value and that there is a need for justice. If we are the the product of a blind evolutionary process none of what I just listed is true…To those of my friends who are seeking for evidence of a God or a renewed hope in him: This podcast/blog is a great place to start.
    Thanks for what you do! ♥️

    1. One of the pastors at the church I attend and myself, have started a private Facebook group to go through your book( Talking to your kids about Jesus). I shared about your podcast on that Facebook group and this is what I told them. “The book author( Natasha Crain) has started a podcast. She has 2 so far and they are excellent!!! This could be an excellent resource to help you navigate discussions with your kids.”
      On a future episode I would like to here how you talk to your kids about subjects such as the cosmological argument, the moral argument and the Trinity.
      Your books gave helped me talk to my kids and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!

  50. I would like some steps to teach my children (and myself) how to share their faith, but how do you share the need for Jesus to a friend who doesn’t recognize their need for a Saviour?

  51. This was so helpful!! Thank you for explaining how you set up your homeschool day it’s these 4 subjects! Can’t wait to hear more of what your share!! I shared on FB!

  52. Really enjoying your blog and now your podcasts, all the way over in New Zealand! 🙂 Would love a breakdown of evidence the Bible is true, as explained to a five year old as well as how to explain to someone that young why some things teachers and books say aren’t actually correct – how is someone in early primary school supposed to know when to believe their teachers and textbook and when not to? Thanks so much – would love to be in the draw for one of the books!

  53. My review on Apple Podcast;

    Every Christian parent should listen to Natasha. She teaches the importance of Apologetics in childrens’ lives. She also teaches how to communicate these truths with our kids. Great listen.

  54. I am loving this podcast… keep it coming… also love your books. I’m recommending you to others, and would love to hear suggestions for ‘small group studies’ for teens and how best to incorporate some of these (or other resources) into an engaging small group study.

    I rated the podcast and left this rating: As a parent, I appreciate all the resources and help that Natasha gives to help equip us as parents in conversations with our kids.

    I think I successfully posted you on my Instagram story? I’m not very good with Instagram and didn’t know how to put a comment with it?? lol I also plan to buy your book for the youth leader at our church as a jumping off point to hopefully infuse more apologetics into the youth program.

  55. In a future episode, I’d love to hear about how you approach teaching logic and fallacies with kids!

    1. Loved listening to your first two episodes! I’m a Mom of four and this is such useful information with great ways to actually apply it!

    2. Topic request: Timelines in terms of general ages for topics – I’m not confident that this would be worth spending a full episode or but maybe even intentionally calling this out when it makes sense for episodes that tackle certain topics?🤷🏽‍♀️

      Apple podcast review:
      “ Solid voice of reason and wisdom to help navigate today’s culture. So grateful for this podcast!”


    Shared on social media 🙂 and left a review on iTunes! I would love to have a podcast on how to teach kids to evaluate their friends.

    Thanks so much!!!

  57. My apple podcast comment:
    I’ve been following Natashas work for years and I’m so grateful her content is now coming on podcast! I love the option to listen to something while I go about my day at home with my kids or when I’m on the road. Natasha takes on tough issues with a Biblical worldview and breaks it down into pieces I can quickly and thoughtfully apply with my kids. A wonderful companion for the parent seeking to intentionally equip the next generation! Thank you Natasha!!

  58. I am new to your work and so excited that a friend shared your new podcast with me! I just left a 5 star review for you. I loved your first two episodes and am excited to talk more with my 6 children about “worldviews.” I’m especially interested in the prominent atheist and secular worldviews that are so prevelant today. I know you said you will touch on these in a future episode, so I’m ready when you are!

  59. I would like to hear about how to explain that God is good in the midst of pain and suffering. My son questions the OT and the sacrifice of animals. He loves animals and doesn’t see how a good God could have young animals sacrificed.

  60. I just left a review and posted the podcast link to my Facebook.

    Please enter me in the book drawing.

    Thanks for all you do for His Glory

    Karri Fieglein

  61. Natasha, congrats on the new podcast! I loved the first 2 episodes!
    For a future podcast, can you talk about how to navigate the friendships between our Christian kids and their non-believing friends? When we talk as a family about our Christian faith and other peoples’ different faiths (or complete lack thereof), it’s hard not see an attitude of “superiority” developing in my kids, based on their comments and observations (“Well, they shouldn’t do that/think that”, “We are right, they are wrong”, etc). How do we navigate this?? And how do we navigate time spent with non-Christian friends…how much is too much? Where do we draw specific boundaries?

    Here’s my post on FB:
    Parents: if you know Natasha Crain, Author and Speaker, then you know (if you don’t, go look her up!). Well, she started a brand new podcast and it is 💯!!!!! Seriously friends, check it out. It couldn’t be more timely! (And I posted a link to the podcast).


  62. An addendum to my previous comment…I also added a review on Apple podcasts. Here’s what I said:

    I have gained so much from Natasha’s books and I am thrilled that she has started a podcast! I love that she jumps right in to the content. The first 2 episodes have so been timely, informative, well thought out, and give so many practical steps that I can fairly easily implement into my own family. I highly recommend this podcast and can’t wait for more episodes!

  63. Natasha – Great Podcast

    Here is a topic I’d like to suggest. I’d like you to interview parents who have both wayward children and committed adult children and get their perspective on what they would have done differently raising them. I’d like to know how they navigate their relationship with their children who have strayed.

  64. Here is the Podcast review I wrote.

    I’m a fan of Natasha’s and was so delighted that she started a new podcast. While we’re only on #2, the podcast is filled with ‘hearty content’ where you walk about wanting more. I’ve already began sharing with my friends how amazing her podcasts are and I’m looking forward to implementing her suggestions in our home with our children. A must podcast for every Christian parent.

  65. Here is what I wrote on my Facebook Page

    For anyone who is a fan of Natasha Crain, she just started her own podcast and it’s full of great material. Natasha is an author of Christian apologetics books geared towards helping Christian parents raise their children to defend their faith.

    Our country is in a political, spiritual, and cultural storm and Natasha does a wonderful job at helping us navigate the winds of change in order to stay afloat and thrive.

  66. Thank you so much for this extremely helpful podcast Natasha. I have recently (once again) requested that my children, aged 9 and 7, be excused from participating in Yoga sessions at school (the sessions are scheduled into lesson times), explaining that as Christians, we have made a decision not to practise Yoga. My husband and I have shared our reasons for this with our children, and they understand that we cannot exercise in this way as the movements themselves are acts of worship to Hindu (false) gods. Both children are completely co-operative with us in this but my 9 year old daughter has had two teachers question her on our decision, one in front of the whole class. She hasn’t felt confident enough to articulate our beliefs to the teachers.
    Although we have given the children a short explanation, I believe this podcast is timely for us as a family. It’s time for us to begin examining the other world religions in a little more depth!
    A subject that I would like you to touch on at some point (for teens I guess) is the pro-life view, particularly regarding the absolute horror of abortion.

  67. Hi! Have loved your books and your podcast is excellent! I left a review on Apple podcast, titled a Much Needed Podcast for Christian Parents. This podcast is so helpful to give practical application for teaching your kids to love Jesus!

    I’d love to see on future podcast on raising your children to be godly friends. I’ve seen so many sibling sets grow up and grow apart. I would love for my kids to be each other’s biggest champions and encourage each other in their walk with Christ and want to hang out with each other.

  68. Thank you for this! I would love to hear a podcast about how to discuss the various creation/origins issues with kids at various ages (and therefore different levels of understanding) without confusing them. I’m sharing this podcast and the blog with a Facebook group I have set up for parents and grandparents in New Zealand to encourage them to do apologetics with their kids; hopefully to eventually set up a GAP chapter: “You may not know much about other religions and worldviews, but your kids will be exposed to them with or without your input. This doesn’t have to be scary or daunting! This new podcast by Natasha Crain (one of the most helpful bloggers on the subject of helping parents talk to their kids about apologetics) will give you the WHY and HOW of starting to talk about other worldviews.”

  69. Danielle Hazlett

    Love all that you do, Natasha! You are making such an impact on so many! I shared your podcast on Facebook on Jan 22nd and here’s what I wrote: “Really excited about this! I have read all of her books and they are gold for parents! Check it out! She just released her first episode!” On Jan 22nd, I rated and reviewed your podcast on Apple as Dhaz37 titled “Excited for this podcast!” and commented: “Natasha provides amazing content and resources for parents in raising their children with a Biblical worldview. All of her books are also amazing! I highly recommend any content that she provides!”

  70. Here is my i-tunes comment:
    Fabulous – Use it for teaching others – One of the best representations of Christian worldview perspective I have seen. Fair, balanced, elicits good conversation. Quick moving and thoughtful with lots of good application examples. For serious lay Christians and other seekers- this is a must listen. —

    I’ve posted this on our Colson Fellows Waco account (seen here: )

    And I have promoted this to my “Keeping Kids on God’s Side” class at First Baptist, Woodway taught on Wednesday night — We have 25 attending on zoom!….

    Hopefully this qualifies me for all 11 opportunities — whether my lot is drawn or not, thanks for the reference. I’ll be getting it regardless. I’ve been wanting something more recent than my Kingdom of the Cults reference.

  71. I would like to hear differences in approach for different age kids. My 3 kids are no older than 4 and I don’t know exactly when they are old enough to really get into apologetics. Thanks!

  72. I’d love to hear more examples of how someone from a different worldview sees/understands the events. The abortion example from an atheist perspective was helpful!

    Left an Apple podcast review, but, my own review isn’t showing up on my app! The title was Biblical, encouraging and equipping.

    Shared with Friends on FB – I’ve listened to both of her new podcast and they are Biblical, encouraging, and equipping!

  73. Thank you for starting this podcast, I’ve learned a lot although I’m feeling overwhelmed with so much information. My four kids are not homeschooled, they are in private Christian schools. I’d like for them to get more apologetics knowledge, but I’m struggling to figure out how to start those conversations outside of a homeschool setting. Can you please consider covering some tips for addressing some of these topics outside of a homeschool setting without it coming off as a “class”?

  74. Reviewed on iTunes! I said, “This podcast is one of those that you quickly listen to as they come out. 5 stars.”

  75. Great podcast! Thank you. Something I struggle to explain to my middle school kids is the justice of God. For example, they want to know how we can trust our God when he told Saul to destroy ALL of the Amalekites, even nursing babies? Is it best to explain the history and God’s character? Do we teach dispensationalism too? This would be a great podcast topic.

  76. I just gave the podcast 5 stars and left it under the nickname “neverendingmercies.” I said that I have read all of your books in which you handle apologetic topics with grace and wisdom and I’m excited about this podcast. Thank you!

  77. I wonder if you could address families whose kids are older, who have been raised in a Christian home, but maybe a “plum” favoring home. Maybe a home that had a really good Sunday School faith, but never really taught their kids to think for themselves, to understand apologetics, world view, or even theology on a deeper level. It’s never too late, but where to start to have an impact?

  78. I am a full time Christian worker, and have already raised my 3 kids to adulthood! I am now concerned about my grandchildren being raised in the culture of this crazy world. The way Christainity was generally viewed positively in the past is no longer the case, and I want my kids and grandkids to be prepared in the future! I bought a copy of all 3 of your books for mayself, and then bought all three for all three of my kids! Two of them are home-schoolers, and I would LOVE to win this book for them!
    Thanks so much for all the work you have put in to this quest!! It is SO needed!!

  79. I have kids ages 19 months to 17 years old. I have the hardest time with such age differences and making sure I’m covering what I need to at what age. Any help? I also shared your podcast on my Facebook page bc I truly do hope more parents will check it out. Totally changing our household how Christianity is explained and shared.

  80. Natasha thanks so much for your efforts!

    I just left a review on apple podcast under “joe s star” and here’s my social media recommendation:

    “Hey guys- as a parent who cares about raising my kids to honor God and to be prepared to have conversations with them about God, I’ve been blessed by Natasha Crain’s work. She’s put out three books on the topic so far, with a fourth on the way and I recommend them all! She also just started a weekly podcast which I’ve now added to my queue and the first two episodes are stellar! I highly recommend checking out her podcast:“

  81. I am really enjoying your podcast so far and looking forward to the ones to come. I am also very interested in. Checking out the books you mentioned. One podcast I have is talking about how to serve as a family. What are some tangible ways to serve people and to share the gospel in a meaningful way?

    God bless you and your podcast!

  82. I’d love that upcoming book! Here’s my entries:
    – Podcast topic request: How to protect & nurture your kids’ biblical worldview while they are in the PUBLIC school system, and what specific topics the schools teach that are dangerous to their developing faith. (I would LOVE to be able to afford a private Christian education for my kids, but that’s unfortunately not feasible right now.)

    – Here’s my review on apple podcasts: “Natasha’s podcast is THE parenting resource I’ve been searching for, for so long! I am the director of children’s ministry in a small growing church in Minnesota, and I’ve been searching for resources to help equip parents to foster their child’s faith formation in this ever-changing world. Natasha is IT. I’ve loved exploring the topics in her blog, and was thrilled to see this podcast come out! The main things I love about her: she speaks on how parents are the #1 spiritual disciples for their children, she speaks on how much our worldview matters, and this podcast is straight to the point & incredibly applicable to my life as a mom & leader in my church. I genuinely look forward to listening to her podcast in my quiet time once a week. Thank you, Natasha!”

    – Here’s my post to my church’s parent network group (private Facebook group): “Hey BRIDGE KIDS families! I recently discovered an awesome resource for my own parenting and find it rather fitting to share with you here, especially after expressing our 2021 Children’s Ministry vision at the congregational meeting last Sunday. This incredible resource is a gal named Natasha Crain; “…a national speaker, author of three books, and blogger whose passion is to equip Christian parents to raise kids with an understanding of how to make a case for and defend their faith in an increasingly secular world.” Here’s a link to her blog, and you can find her podcast under her name on the Apple Podcast app. The main things I love about her: she speaks on how parents are the #1 spiritual disciples for their children, how critical it is to hold a Biblical worldview, and her podcast is straight to the point & incredibly applicable to my life as a mom & leader of littles at church. I look forward to sharing more of her content with you all this year. Let me know if you find time to check it out – I LOVE learning and chatting about all these things!”

  83. Natasha,
    I read your name in the “Mama Bear Apologetics” book. I immediately looked for a podcast and checked out your Amazon page. The first episode I listened to was Teaching our children about world religions. THIS IS HUGE! I love how you literally place arrows inside our children’s quivers of knowledge. I’m so excited to learn along my kiddos.
    Also, I like how you reminded all of us to use grace and kindness when teaching about other cultures / religions. It’s easy to scoff at things we do not understand.
    Episode suggestions:

    Your Apologetics interactions (wins and losses)
    Your Legacy, hopes for future generations
    How to love and not rush, like Jesus (when teaching)

    With Care and gratitude,

  84. I am so grateful I have found this podcast. I ordered one of your books and CANNOT wait for it come. I really enoy the podcast and have told many about it.

    For a topic recommendation: Id like to see more on how to teach our young ones apologetics-how early to start, how to start, etc.

    I look forward to learning and growing!

  85. My review: Very helpful!
    Thank-you!! for sharing as a fellow mom the very practical responses, teaching opportunities we need to have with our children! I love it and will continue to share this podcast and your books with others around me. Grateful!

  86. Idea for future podcast:
    “Secular doesn’t mean we’re supposed to create some kind of neutral, value-free society and keep our worldviews to ourselves. That’s impossible. Every society necessarily makes judgments about what’s good and bad, and ultimately those are worldview questions.” This is from your straw man fallacy post. I would find a podcast useful with more discussion on Patriotism and Politics as a practical needed aspect of living in America…how our young kids (mine is 11) can “spring board” off the roots of our Constitution and the Bible and become a culture influencer not a “social” influencer or accept “neutral” as the only godly choice to be a true Christian (if that makes sense). Enjoying your podcast so much, Natasha, thank you for sharing your experience and insight.

  87. I first heard of you from the Colson Center and seeing your video “Teaching Your Kids Truth in a Noisy World.” I’m certainly going to recommence this to my church so other parents can hear this advice, There are already a lot of good suggestions in the comments so I’m gonna get a little specific. Our beloved dog, Bella, is probably going to pass away soon. She’s a 14 year old lab mix and is loved by all our kids. What is a good way to help them process this loss? Is this a good opportunity to talk to them about the after life? Our kids a 7, 5 and 3. Thanks again for all your insight.

  88. Thanks for this podcast. It’s so helpful as I’ve been starting to have some of these conversations with my kids recently (ages 13, 10, 8).

    I’m looking forward to hearing a podcast on Atheism.

    I’d love to be entered to win the book.


    I’m so thankful for you, Natasha. My husband and I started a home group with the theme of apologetics using your books as a jump off.

  90. Possible Subject for a Podcast:
    I’d love practical ways to introduce some of these things based on age groups… I loved your homeschool subject you created, I’d love more ideas like that… my kids are still young (oldest is 7) but I’d love to get started on this early!

    Apple Podcast Review:
    I’ve only recently heard of Natasha Crain, but in searching for resources to better equip myself to answer my kids difficult questions about Christianity, I came across her book “Keeping Your Kids On God’s Side”. This book has been such a help to me! So when I heard she was beginning a podcast I knew it was something I wanted to listen to. Her first episode did not disappoint! And her second was even better.
    I highly recommend this podcast to those parents wanting additional resources and practical ways to discuss the important details of the Christian faith with their kids. It’s not enough just to know about God… He has to become their God. Their choice. I feel Natasha gives great thoughts and ideas on how to lead and guide our children to that end.

    Instagram Story:
    I’ve mentioned Natasha Crain’s apologetics books before as great resources for parents who want practical ways to talk to their kids about the Christian faith… well, guess what?

    She now has a podcast.
    And it’s awesome.

    You’re welcome. 😉

  91. Allison Maluchnik

    Podcast Topic: More of the “nuts and bolts” of how you plan these into your homeschooling day!

    Facebook: “Loving Natasha Crain, Author and Speaker’s new podcast. Highly recommend her writings, blog and books, for Christian parents looking for ways to help their children have a deeper understanding of their faith.”

    Thanks for the new podcast. I am loving listening while multitasking.

  92. I discovered you on Focus on the Family when looking for a study we could do with another family that included kids (ages 8-13) and parents. We are starting with “Talking to Your Kids About God.” I then signed up for your newsletter and now am thrilled to be able to listen to your podcast. Our girls ages are 11 (5th grade) and 9 (3rd grade). One topic I’d love to hear you speak on more extensively is how to encourage your kids that it’s ok to be different and, specifically, how to navigate the topic of social media. I was actually shocked when our 11 year old told me that almost everyone in her class has a device of some kind and are either gaming or on social media. She has been dancing since she was 4 and wants to be able to watch Tick Tock. Again, she says she’s the “only” one in her class who hasn’t watched tick tock. She understands our stance on iphones and social media but I understand her desire to fit in. How much do you tell an 11 (and 9) year old about the dangers of social media, etc and how to walk the fine line as to not helicopter parenting but being wise and protective? We are also very hesitant to allow them to go on sleepovers when we don’t know the family for similar reasons and more. Many thanks! Mimi

  93. Apple Podcast Review:
    True to previous work from Natasha, these podcasts have been refreshing – full of concise and practical content that engages the mind and inspires more from me as a parent of Faith.
    A friend gave me Natasha’s second book during casual conversation about equipping our children as they grew in faith. I knew there was logic, reason and proof behind my beliefs but it had never been presented to me. I proceeded to read all of Natasha’s books in chronological order. Twice. Even though these books were about me teaching my kids, they were a re-affirmation for me and have made me way more bold in my work environment because for the first time I feel like I can defend my beliefs in a way the world around me can understand. I am so excited about this podcast as the main way I “read” is on my way to and from work.

  94. Social media sharing post for the blog 🙂:
    I don’t share stuff like this often, and this sounds kind of salesy, but my favourite author has come out with a podcast. I’ve found her books incredibly helpful in my own faith journey, as she doesn’t shy away from thinking critically and needing proof and discernment in the ideas and views presented to us. This is a Christian Parenting blog, but there is so much for all of us to learn from and take away from it.
    Okay I’m done 🙂 I hope you find her as helpful as I do though!

  95. I only know of one resource/person who is laser focused on equipping parents with the tools to disciple our kids in this Post-Christian society in North America…and Natasha Crain is doing a wonderful job. She’s easy to listen to, and invest at a lot of time in researching the topics she presents. I also love that she’s a mom who is learning while teaching her kids these principles of critical thinking. I would highly recommend listening to her podcast, signing up for her monthly articles, and her books (I’ve yet to read them but I plan on it). Thank you Natasha.

  96. review on iTunes: Straightforward parenting resource-I’ve followed Natasha on social media a while now. Always love her kind and thoughtful response to things in the world. This podcast bring that to life. Especially loved the 2nd episode. It gave me great ideas for studying other world views with my kids.

  97. Loved it! Shared it via text with several mom’s! I’d love to hear about how to address the push for – how do I say this! I’ll just give an example our school just put in almost all gender neutral bathrooms so NO separate girls/boys bathrooms except for one in each building. There is much more along those lines in public school. I’m stuck on what to say – I’m feel bullied if I speak up.

  98. I found your info through another podcaster I follow and I’m so glad I did. I will be purchasing your books and using them as devotionals or bible studys with my 3 children (whichever seems more appropriate). I am absolutely thrilled that you discuss Jesus, children and christian worldview and how to discuss within our family unit. I’ve so needed something like this because I am so ill equipped to do it all on my own. The podcasts have been great; I listened to both of them one after the other and plan to listen to them again while sitting so that I can take notes for future use. Thank you for speaking truth and being so informative at the same time. Thank you for reaching out to so many families in need!
    ( I also posted a review on Apple Podcast username mebeth6655)

  99. Great podcast! I would like to hear more about training kids on developing a Biblical worldview.

  100. On Apple Podcast – Review 5 Star
    This was the first time I heard Natasha Crain and she didn’t disappoint. Great and developed thoughts on how to help create a culture of training and equipping kids in understanding and learning about other worldviews. She had some great practical ways to implement this as well! Well done!

  101. Episode Topic Request: I’d love to hear more on the BLAW structure and topic ideas! 💡
    Apple Review: I forgot to copy it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But I shared about what a great resource these podcasts are! They are so helpful and encouraging.
    Shared on Facebook: I’ll probably end up sharing every episode, but it’s only because these podcasts really THAT good. They are so helpful and insightful! It’s not only OK to teach our kids about other world views and religions, but it’s essential. We should be asking hard questions! We should be pushing our kids to ASK the hard questions. We aren’t raising them to have our faith, but their own…rooted in Jesus, in logic, in truth, and most importantly in LOVE. ❤️.

  102. What a great episode 🙂
    Episode Topic Request: How to engage young kids in the idea of logic and reasoning.
    Apple Review: I love the way Natasha makes big ideas accessible to laypeople like me. I also love how she is always respectful and charitable when confronting opposing views to Christianity.

  103. I left a review on iTunes! I screen shorted it but don’t know how to add a photo to this comment!?

    I love your books and am so excited about this podcast! I loved your illustration about the plum and teaching your kids about other religions.

    I would like to hear how our kids can simply tell others about their faith. Currently my kids just invite friends who aren’t Christ followers to church.

    I shared your podcast on my instagram and Facebook stories!

  104. My social media share of podcast 2 via FB :

    “🎧 Never been much of a podcast listener but in all the “noise” the world is throwing at us, I am striving to choose Wisely. There are a few whose insight and advice I value & will commit my time; Natasha Crain, Author and Speaker is thoughtful, knowledgeable and down to earth with her commitment to sharing Truth…. exactly what this mama needs.
    Here’s her Podcast # 2
    Enjoy learning together with your kiddos!!”

    1. Topic:would love for info on apologetics for beginners. I’ve read Mama Bear apologetics but not sure where to go from there.
      I definitely shared your podcast on Facebook and told my Bible study moms all about it! Can’t wait for the next podcasts. My son and I listened to it together. As a 1st generational Christian, I am learning as we go and learning alongside my kiddos :). Thank you for all your insight.

  105. Friends, if you are looking for a great podcast, I recommend this one. Natasha Crain, Author and Speaker offers great tips to help parents equip their kids to know and understand why Christianity is true. I am learning so much apologetics from her but even more importantly, I am learning how to pass it on to my kids.

    Look, the world is not what it used to be. Our kids are going to need to stand up for truth in a country that doesn’t want them to call Christianity truth. If your kids aren’t convinced it’s true, they will not find it worth the fight to stand.

    Thank you Natasha for your work in this area and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

    *Shared on Facebook*

  106. Friends, if you are looking for a great podcast, I recommend this one. Natasha Crain, Author and Speaker offers great tips to help parents equip their kids to know and understand why Christianity is true. I am learning so much apologetics from her but even more importantly, I am learning how to pass it on to my kids.

    Look, the world is not what it used to be. Our kids are going to need to stand up for truth in a country that doesn’t want them to call Christianity truth. If your kids aren’t convinced it’s true, they will not find it worth the fight to stand.

    Thank you Natasha for your work in this area and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

    *Review left on Apple Podcasts**

  107. Hi! Thank you for all your hard work producing resources and content! My 9yr old is struggling with the idea of people going to Hell – friends and teachers who aren’t Christians. I would love for you to do a podcast episode about how to talk to her about this.

    Here is the review I left on iTunes:
    “Great first episode! I have 3 kids under 9yrs. Thank you for giving solid Christian content and keeping it under 45min!”

  108. Coming back to post my Apple Podcasts review:

    Such a great resource
    Ntasha is a clear thinker and communicator, and I’m so happy to have her new podcast to help as we navigate our current culture as Christian parents. She doesn’t spend time on fluff and chatter, just lots of meaty content with lots of re-listen value.

    1. Thank you always Natasha for your great wisdom and insights!

      1. What I’d love to see in the future podcast:
      How to navigate the media (especially animation for kids, songs for kids) as a Christian parents. I also wonder if backmasking is real.

      2. I also reviewed your podcast!

      My review:

      Title: Recommend for Christian Education

      I read all her three books and very glad that she started podcast!

      I highly recommend her podcast, books, and blogs for anyone who wants to raise their children to true disciples of Jesus!

  109. Elizabeth Ashbaugh

    Thank you again and again…

    My Apple review:
    I highly recommend this podcast and Natasha Crain’s books. She speaks to parents in a way filled with love, truth and humility. I lead a GAP chapter (Grassroots Apologetics for Parents) based on her books/studies and she is helping us to show our children the love and humility of Christ. Not a God who fears our doubts and questions, but one who gives us many answers and comfort in His eternal truth.

  110. Theresa L Kessler

    I actually posted this before I even heard the second Podcast yet today!
    Here’s what I shared: If any of my Christian mommas need encouragement about teaching their kids about having a Christian worldview—this is it! Natasha is so clear in her examples and reasoning and her podcasts are only 30 mins! Really excellent!

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