Talking with Your Kids about God

Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

“I almost wish my children were young again so I could use Natasha Crain’s book with them. Through her parenting blog, Crain has access to the most important questions and challenges parents are hearing from their children today. She writes in strong, vigorous prose and does a great job of pitching her answers at a level that parents can understand—and, even more importantly, that they can use.”

Nancy Pearcey, apologetics professor and Scholar in Residence, Houston Baptist University; bestselling author of Love Thy Body, Finding Truth, and Total Truth

About the Book

It’s no secret that children of all ages are regularly being exposed to negative criticism of Christianity as they spend time at school, with friends, or online. The result? Research shows that by the time they become young adults, at least 60 percent are turning away from Christianity.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.

The secular world is asking tough questions about Christianity, but there are compelling answers available. The problem is that kids aren’t being equipped with those answers because many parents lack the knowledge themselves.

If you don’t feel prepared to have these deeper conversations about faith with your own child, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is the perfect place to start. You’ll be introduced to a broad survey of 40 important faith challenges kids will encounter today, including subjects on God, truth and worldviews, Jesus, the Bible, and science. Each chapter clearly explains what skeptics are saying and provides a concise, easy-to-understand response you can discuss with your child (one that can easily be tailored for any age).

Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is part of a trilogy of books written to equip Christian parents with the understanding they need to have the faith conversations that matter most with their kids in today’s skeptical world. Be sure to check out Talking with Your Kids about God, which covers 30 conversations specifically about God, and Talking with Your Kids about Jesus, which covers 30 conversations specifically about Jesus.

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Table of Contents


1. What evidence is there for God’s existence?

2. How could a good God allow evil and suffering?

3. Why would God command the genocide of the Canaanites?

4. How can a loving God send people to hell?

5. How can God judge people who have never even heard about Jesus?

6. Why would God need people to worship Him?

7. Why is God so hidden?

8. Is faith in God the opposite of reason?



9. What is the difference between objective and subjective truth?

10. Do all religions point to the same truth?

11. How can Christians claim they know what is objectively true?

12. How can personal experience help determine what is true?

13. How can common sense help determine what is true?

14. If Christianity is true, why are there so many denominations?

15. Is Christianity responsible for millions of deaths in history?

16. Are Christians less intelligent than atheists?



17. How do we know Jesus existed?

18. Did Jesus really claim to be God?

19. Did Jesus’ followers really believe He was God?

20. Why did Jesus need to die on the cross for our sins?

21. What are the historical facts of the resurrection that nearly every scholar agrees on?

22. What are the major theories people use to explain those facts?

23. Why do Christians believe a supernatural resurrection best explains the facts?

24. How can Christians believe miracles are even possible?



25. How were the books in the Bible selected?

26. Why were books left out of the Bible?

27. How do we know we can trust the Bible’s authors?

28. How do we know the Bible we have today says what the authors originally wrote?

29. Does the Bible have errors and contradictions?

30. Does the Bible support slavery?

31. Does the Bible support rape?

32. Does the Bible support human sacrifice?



33. Why do Christians have varying views on how and when God created the world?

34. What is young-Earth creationism?

35. How do mainstream scientists estimate the age of the Earth?

36. What is old-Earth creationism?

37. What is evolution?

38. What are the major pieces of evidence for evolution?

39. What are the major challenges to evolution?

40. What is intelligent design?


10 Tips for Having Deeper Faith Conversations with Your Kids


If you’re a Christian parent but you haven’t yet mastered the rich case for God’s existence and the truth of the Christian worldview, this book is an excellent place to start. In fact, I consider Keeping Your Kids On God’s Side to be an important, eye-opening, “gateway” book. Natasha has done a wonderful job of quickly introducing the important issues and evidences from the perspective of a parent. She’s engaging, thoughtful, and she knows how to throw the ball so you can catch it. Let Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side serve as an introduction to the most important work you will ever do as a parent. Learn the case so you can give your kids reasons to believe.

—J. Warner Wallace (from his foreword in Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side), international speaker and author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith


Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is a timely and much-needed book. Natasha provides a road map so parents feel equipped to have the critical (and difficult) faith conversations with their kids. If you want to see your kids have a vibrant faith, then get this book and start having these conversations with your kids today!

Sean McDowell, PhD, Biola University professor, international speaker, and author of over 15 books


Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is an outstanding resource every Christian parent should have in their home library. Natasha has done a great service to the kingdom; this book is the most accessible, non-intimidating treatment of key apologetics issues I’ve seen to date, and I will be recommending it to every parent I encounter!

—Melissa Cain Travis, M.A., Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University; author of the Young Defenders series of apologetics books for kids


Parents, wake up.  The secular culture is challenging our kids like never before and we’ve got to prepare them for the barrage of false ideas they will most certainly face.  Apologetic conversations are no longer optional, they’re a necessary part of our kid’s discipleship.  Thankfully Keeping Your Kids On God’s Side is the resource we all need.  It’s accessible and comprehensive, and it will equip you to engage your kids in conversations that count, big time.

—Brett Kunkle, president of MAVEN, author of A Practical Guide to Culture


Books on apologetics turn more readers away than almost any other topic. After a few pages the reader is exhausted by terms and concepts that are completely new to them and, unwilling to pursue the pages further, most readers quit. The problem is that most apologetics books are not written with the everyday Christian in mind. Not so with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side.

Each of the forty chapters is thoroughly researched and written in clear language with many helpful examples. This book is engaging and inspiring, and parents of both young and older children ought to be encouraged to read and study it. If the church is to engage the world with the message of the gospel, this next generation must be trained better than every previous one. This book provides answers that will establish and strengthen kids’ faith, enabling them to not only survive but thrive in a world that is hostile to Christian beliefs. Natasha deserves thanks from the church at large for providing such a timely resource.

—Ray Ciervo, Founder and Director, No Pat Answers


If you’re a fellow pastor or youth worker, get this book into the hands of the parents you work with. While you’re at it, read it yourself! Whether you are a parent, pastor, youth worker or student, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side is an incredibly engaging and easy-to-follow resource that will help you have conversations and answer questions that will build a confident faith. I highly recommend this book as an invaluable tool.

Patrick Brown, Student Ministries Director, Whitehaven Road Baptist Church (Grand Island, NY)


As a pastor over family ministries, I am very excited about this book! It answers many of the strong objections against Christianity in amazing depth, yet in such a clear manner that even someone new to apologetics can easily understand it. This book is a wonderful resource for parents to equip their children to give a defense to everyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is within them.

— Jared Novak, Family Pastor, New Life Church (Bonita Springs, FL)

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