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Most Popular Posts

Most Popular Posts

If you’re new to my blog, you might enjoy reading some of my most popular posts. Here are my 30 most shared posts on social media (each of these has been shared 1000+ times). If you like what you read, please be sure to subscribe to my blog via email and follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

1. 10 Signs the Christian Authors You’re Following are (Subtly) Teaching Unbiblical Ideas

2. The Number One Sign Your Kids Are Just Borrowing Your Faith (and Not Developing Their Own)

3. Progressive Christianity is as Much of a Threat to Your Kids’ Faith as Atheism

4. How Living Counter-Culturally Can Lead to Your Kids’ Resentment of Christianity

5. Your Kids Need to Think Critically About the Resurrection…Because Secular Media Does Not

6. How Sunday Schools Are Raising the Next Generation of Secular Humanists

7. The 5 Worst Beliefs a Christian Parent Can Have in an Imploding Society

8. Why the Gender Identity Debate is Symptomatic of a Much Bigger Issue for Christians

9. 65 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Parent Needs to Learn to Answer

10. If You’re Sick of Thoughts and Prayers Because Shootings Still Happen, You Don’t Understand Christianity

11. 7 Things Christian Parents Can Learn From the Tim Lambesis Story

12. Are Christians Less Intelligent Than Atheists? Here’s What All Those Studies REALLY Say

13. What the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Means for Christian Parents

14. Six Scary But Important Words Every Christian Parent Should Say to Their Kids About Faith

15. If Christian Moms Looked for Guidance as Much as Encouragement, Kids Would Have a Deeper Faith

16. 5 Regrets You Don’t Want to Have If Your Kids Walk Away from Faith

17. 5 Changes Elementary Sunday Schools Need to Make…ASAP

18. The Most Dangerous Belief a Christian Mom Can Have

19. To the Christian Parents Who Are Depressed About the Future of America

20. If Your Kids Are Someday Shocked by the Claims of Skeptics, You Didn’t Do Your Job

21. 3 Key Things Skeptics Will Say to Shame Your Kids for Being Christians

22. The 3 Most Important Conversations about Easter that Most Sunday Schools and Parents Aren’t Having with Kids

23. Why Your Kids Can Spend 600-Plus Hours in Church and Not Get Much Out of It

24. Committed Christians Are Now a Minority and Kids Need to Know It

25. What Christian Parents Can Learn from Atheist Churches

26. How I’m Teaching My 6-Year-Olds to Be Critical Thinkers

27. 6 Ways You May Be Raising Your Kids with an Oversimplified Faith

28. What Christian Parents Should Tell Their Kids About the Election

29. The Danger of Teaching Kids to Be True to Themselves

30. Why Didn’t God Heal Nabeel Qureshi?

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