NOW AVAILABLE: Talking with Your Kids about God (Plus Read Along Group Announcement)

NOW AVAILABLE: Talking with Your Kids about God

I’m so excited to finally say that Talking with Your Kids about God is now available! (If you’re new to the blog or otherwise haven’t had a chance yet to learn what the book is all about, click here for details.)

You can find it at Lifeway and Barnes & Noble stores across the country, as well as at and Additionally, is offering 50% off orders of 20 copies or more—perfect for your church, private school, homeschool group, conference, camp, or any other organization.

Here are three quick pieces of release day news you need to know (including how to win one of a bunch of free copies!):

1. Early reviewers have had all kinds of great things to say about the book! You can read several reviews already from those who received advance review copies at and (Amazon didn’t open for reviews until this morning).

2. A free downloadable 10-week small group study guide will soon be available. If you’re leading a small group in the winter or spring, please know this is coming and consider using Talking with Your Kids about God!

3. I’m launching an 8-week author read along of the book in a private Facebook group! Would you like to read my book in community with like-minded Christian parents? Would you like to do that without having to get a babysitter? Would you like to be able to ask me questions about what you’re reading as you go? Would you like to have accountability for keeping up with your reading and implementing what you’re learning at home? All of that is exactly what the read along is for, and much more. I did this with the release of my first book and over 400 people joined! Don’t miss out on this unique learning and fellowship opportunity. Read on for details, and how you can win a copy of the book by joining the group today (it’s totally free!).


Read Along Details

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Click HERE to join the Facebook group by Friday, October 20th (all you have to do is click the button that says “Join Group” after you click the link). If you join TODAY (October 17th), you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the book. I’m giving away one copy for every 20 people who join by midnight PST (winners chosen randomly). Those are good odds!

2. Grab your copy of the book by October 23rd (order links are at the beginning of this post).

3. Starting the week of October 23rd, we’ll read four chapters per week, ending before Christmas. Chapters are only about 5 pages each, so this only comes out to a commitment to read about 20 pages per week. Each Monday, I’ll post discussion questions in the Facebook group for everyone to talk about. I’ll especially be encouraging everyone to have some of the conversations in the book with their kids during our time together so we can all learn from each other on how those conversations go!

4. Do you have friends you’d like to have in the group with you? Just share this post…and tell them to join today so they have a chance to win one of the free copies!


Finally, to the many of you who have offered your support and enthusiasm for the book over the last many months, THANK YOU. There aren’t enough words to express the depth of my gratitude. I pray this book will bless you and your family in a beautiful way!

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  2. Natasha, your book sounds like it’s very enlightening and exactly what Christian parents need today. My children are teens now, but I’m looking forward to uncovering the wisdom you’ve undoubtedly shared in this treasure. May God bless you and keep you as He uses you powerfully to impart this important message.

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