Preparing Kids to Encounter Atheism Online

Preparing Kids to Encounter Atheism OnlineToday I have the honor of guest posting on the Cold Case Christianity blog, written by author J. Warner Wallace. 

When I was growing up, my mom had a thick, imposing book called “Cults of the World” sitting on our living room shelf. I was fascinated by it, tentatively peeking at pages about Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Scientists when no one was looking. In my young world, you were a Christian or you belonged to one of these other religions; that was the choice. I don’t think I realized there were people who didn’t believe in God until I was in high school.

Today I marvel at how different the spiritual environment will be for my three young kids, in large part due to the availability and nature of the internet. While only about 6% of Americans identify themselves as atheist or agnostic, their collective voice is disproportionately loud online, given that the extreme positions on issues always come to the forefront of the internet. One need only look at comments under any news story with a religious touchpoint to witness a standard internet war of atheist/Christian worldviews.

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