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Handling Bible Questions You Can’t Answer

Last week, during my Bible time with the kids, we turned to a story they hadn’t heard before – the passage from John 9 of Jesus healing the man born blind.   “…and then Jesus put mud on the man’s eyes and he was no longer blind! Jesus had made the man well.”   My 3-year-old twins, Kenna and Nathan, started laughing hysterically. “He didn’t put mud on his eyes!” They started running around the room cracking up at what they thought was mommy’s joke.   At Read More…

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You are a hypocrite.

So am I. Now that I have your attention, let me soften the blow. (But just a little.) By virtue of the fact that, as Christians, we are imperfect humans teaching our kids a perfect truth, our actions simply will never match our words. Our lives are, unfortunately, filled with hypocrisy. There is a second definition used by some dictionaries which relates to intentional deception. For purposes of this discussion, we are talking about the first definition of hypocrisy – saying one thing Read More…

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