Talking with Your Kids about Jesus is NOW AVAILABLE!

Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

People sometimes say that the day a book is released is like giving birth for an author. I used to think that was a cheesy analogy, but I have to admit there’s a lot of truth to it. I’ve poured an enormous amount of work into Talking with Your Kids about Jesus: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have over the last two years, and TODAY is the day it is finally released into the world! It’s a thrill to share it with you!

Admittedly, the pandemic we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks has dampened some of the joy surrounding this announcement. I’m well aware of the great suffering occurring around the world and it can seem almost trivial to make a book release announcement at a time like this. Ironically enough, my book originally was supposed to be out months ago but the release date was postponed three times and landed right here, March 31, in the middle of an international crisis.

At the same time, it’s a situation like this that can sometimes shed a spotlight on our need to have deeper conversations with our kids about Jesus. Our lives are always in a fragile position in this world, but in our comfortable culture, we often have the luxury of forgetting…even if only for a few hours at a time. With this pandemic, however, we’re suddenly confronted minute-by-minute with the fact that we are not in ultimate control of our lives.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our kids in this time is a more robust understanding of the hope they have in Jesus. If Jesus was raised from the dead, validating his claims to being God incarnate, those who put their trust in him for forgiveness of sins are promised a beautiful eternal life no matter how bad the world looks at any given time.

But that’s a big if.

How can our kids be so confident that Jesus really was raised from the dead? How can they be confident that he actually claimed to be God in the first place? How can they know all those miracles they hear about in Sunday school actually happened? How can they know the reports of the resurrection weren’t just a product of gullible or deceptive first century people? How can they be sure the resurrection wasn’t just a legend that grew over time?

In other words, in a world that now routinely makes a mockery out of Christianity, why should our kids think this hope we proclaim in Jesus is actually well justified?

People sometimes think that questions like these are merely academic. But I can think of no more practical questions at a time like this. Comfort comes in a deep knowing that Christianity is true, not in a faith loosely tethered to Sunday school basics.

That is my prayer for how this new book will help your family in this time. All of the questions I raise here (and many more) are answered in it, and every chapter has a conversation guide to help you walk through the content with your kids. I pray that it will spark many meaningful conversations during this crisis and be a valuable resource for years to come.

You can order the book from Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, and Baker Book House.

To see the book trailer, the full table of contents and endorsements, click here.

To read over 50 reviews by people who received early copies from the publisher in exchange for their honest feedback, click here.

To join an upcoming read along with hundreds of other parents on Facebook, click here! (We’ll read the book together and discuss.)

As a final note, I’m thrilled to say that I’m also working on a small group DVD curriculum which will come out in December and be available on Right Now Media. More info to come!

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  1. I preordered two copies from Amazon, one for us and one for our church library (who vetted and agreed to have the last book). Unfortunately with church shut down for the duration, the second copy will take a while to get to its eventual home, and with Amazon shipping delayed, who knows when I’ll get them here… My son and I just finished a chapter-a-week study in Isaiah that took us 15 months to get through. This was supposed to be next. Oh well. It WILL be next when it gets here 🙂

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