The State of Parental Rights, with Ryan Bangert of Alliance Defending Freedom

In today’s episode of The Natasha Crain Podcast, I’m featuring the work of a very important organization that every Christian should know about: Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF is one of the leading Christian law firms committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. ADF is also one of the nation’s most respected and successful United States Supreme Court advocates. Since 2011, ADF has represented parties in 15 victories at the Supreme Court.

I’m honored to have Ryan Bangert on the show today. He is Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives & Special Counsel to the President at ADF. He oversees ADF’s regulatory practice, government relations, and corporate engagement teams. He also advises executive leadership with strategic initiatives and appears as counsel for ADF clients.

While ADF works in a lot of different areas, Ryan and I focus our conversation in this episode on parental rights. This is an incredibly important subject every Christian needs to understand in this rapidly changing culture, and Ryan shares a wealth of knowledge on it. We cover topics such as these:

  • Constitutional protection of parental rights
  • Current case examples where parental rights are being challenged in public schools (particularly with respect to schools hiding gender transitions from parents)
  • The degree to which public school employees are required to support gender transitions in schools
  • Parental rights to know what school counselors are discussing with children
  • How to find out what policies your own school district has on parental rights
  • Legislative work ADF is doing to implement laws at the state and federal levels to protect parental rights
  • Listener questions on homeschool rights, what churches should do to protect themselves from lawsuits, how to handle DEI requirements in the workplace, and more.

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