Three Exciting Announcements!

I know that many people on my email list also follow me on social media and have seen this news, but I wanted to be sure that no one on my email list is out of the loop on some really exciting announcements I made last week!

My friend Alisa Childers and I did a livestream to announce two big projects we are launching together in 2023. If you want to watch the full replay, you can do so here. But for those who want to cut to the chase, here’s the big news, plus a bonus third announcement…

1. We’re launching a conference together! Tickets available now!

It’s called Unshaken, and we’ll be doing four dates/locations in 2023. There’s a battle raging in culture, and we want to address it head-on. Our goal is to encourage Christians to be emboldened and encouraged to speak truth without fear, to love the way God loves, and to stand firm no matter the cost. We’re thrilled to announce that Frank Turek will be joining us for this year’s tour! In the livestream, we announced the first date and location: January 28th in Dayton, Ohio (yes, that’s next month!). We’ll be announcing other dates/locations in coming weeks, but there will be two in the winter/spring and two in the fall. Click here to learn more about the conference, see the schedule, and purchase tickets for Dayton! Note there are a limited number of VIP tickets available, which will get you premium seating, a catered lunch, and a meet and greet with the speakers. Alisa and I are so excited about this conference and hope to see you at one of the locations!

2. We’re launching a podcast together!

We also announced that we are launching a short-form (15-minute) weekly podcast together called Unshaken Faith! Yes, we’ll still both have our personal podcasts, but this one will be a collaboration for us to address current events and cultural chaos together in a bite-size way. With the same heart behind it as the Unshaken Conference, we want to equip Christians to stand firm in a chaotic culture. It will launch in early January, but it’s already up on most podcast players with a quick (5-minute) trailer! If you’re a podcast listener, would you take a minute and go subscribe now? (Here’s a link if you’re on Apple Podcasts.) We’re so grateful for everyone who has already subscribed and left ratings…you’ve given it a lot of momentum, and it’s currently the number 5 Christian podcast in the U.S.!

3. You can get a signed copy of Faithfully Different with a year-end donation to Stand to Reason!

I know there are a lot of organizations and ministries asking for donations before the end of the year, but I want to highlight one that I think is doing especially great work in the area of equipping Christians to stand firm in today’s culture: Stand to Reason (STR).

STR produces a WEALTH of resources available for free online. (The very popular Red Pen Logic with Mr. B is part of STR, for example!) They also have a team of some of the best speakers you’ll ever hear, they produce a youth apologetics conference that’s unmatched (the Reality Conference), and they recently launched STR Outposts, which is a program to equip local communities of Christians with answers to questions about Christianity. I know the individuals at STR and can say that I think the world of them personally as well. It’s a remarkable group.

All that to say, they are a wonderful ministry to support. For those interested, they are currently sending signed copies of my book, Faithfully Different, as a thank you for year-end gifts! If you’ve been meaning to get a copy of the book, this is a perfect opportunity to do so while supporting an important ministry. And if you already have a copy, this is an excellent chance to get a signed one to give as a Christmas gift! Click here to make your donation and get the book.

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