Part 2: How Does School Impact a Child’s Faith Development?

Yesterday I introduced several thought-provoking findings from the Cardus Education Survey, conducted to answer the question:   Do the motivations for private religious Catholic and Protestant schooling in North America align with graduate outcomes?   In yesterday’s post, I highlighted the findings related to education’s impact on spiritual formation. Today I am highlighting the findings related to cultural and community engagement.   As Cardus states in their Read More…

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How Does School Impact a Child’s Faith Development?

I’ve found an extremely enlightening study that provides some answers to this question and I wanted to share some of the key insights here.   An independent research organization called Cardus released a report last year on an extensive study they conducted with the largest-ever sample of Christian school graduates in North America. The key question was this:   Do the motivations for private religious Catholic and Protestant schooling in North America align with graduate outcomes?   Cardus Read More…

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Dear Children: Belief in Jesus May or May Not Change Your Life

This is my third post in a series called “Letters For Christian Armour”.   Dear Children,   Have you ever wondered why a belief in Jesus leads some to become a passionate Christian but not others?   Many people assume that believing in Jesus should immediately result in a changed life. Depending on the individual, it may. For many others, however, there is a gap between the moment of belief in Jesus as the Son of God and the experience of a truly transformed life. I was stuck Read More…

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Should You Feel Guilty For Your Blessings?

Guilt of Blessings

My heart has been especially heavy this week. My second cousin, in her late 30’s, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. A more distant teenage cousin passed away unexpectedly. A 19-year-old girl Bryan and I know lost her fight with cancer. I cried while reading a story about thousands of Ugandan children who suffer from “nodding disease,” which causes seizures and has led parents to tie their children to trees to keep them safe – as if starvation and war weren’t enough in Uganda.   I Read More…

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Transforming Everyday Life Into Godly Teachable Moments

My twins love to do things that annoy each other (shocking, right?). I used to tell them that they are each free to do what they want as long as they are not hurting something or someone. I tried to emphasize the value of their respective freedoms. Then, in the car one day, Kenna started making (very) annoying sounds. When I asked her to stop, she said, “Mommy, I am free to do what I want if it doesn’t hurt you.”   Oh wow. I had created a big problem. I hadn’t predicted where this Read More…

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You Can’t Make Your Kid a Christian

Control Freak

I thrive on control.   I love projects that can be broken into goals, tasks and success or failure criteria. Nothing motivates me more than the opportunity to strive toward the successful completion of something. I actually have spreadsheets that outline every hour of my life with a color code for the activity so I can understand exactly where my time goes. I even have spreadsheets for my kids’ lives!   For a major “control freak” like me, having kids is a real wake-up call to Read More…

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Mormon Baptism, Belief in Satan, and Culture’s Demand for Tolerance

The Wall Street Journal featured a story Friday on “Mormons and Baptism by Proxy.” Mormons believe in performing a temple rite that gives members an opportunity to obtain salvation for their ancestors. The practice has been in the news this week because Holocaust survivors and their descendants are outraged that Mormons have been baptizing those who died at the hands of Nazis – accusing Mormons of “rebranding” Jewish souls.  The Mormon Church has responded by apologizing for these baptisms, Read More…

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Facts, Interpretations or Feelings: What Are You Teaching Your Kids About the Bible?

Every time I read my kids their “Children’s Bible,” my overly analytical mind starts contemplating just how hard it is going to be to teach them all they should know about the Bible. It seems like an infinite task ahead when we are still at the (age-appropriate) point of “God created everything” and “God loves you.”   This ambiguity and complexity has made me reflect on the importance of how Christian parents approach teaching kids about the Bible. If we are not careful to teach Read More…

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