When You Have Trouble Believing the Bible, with J. Warner Wallace

Even Christians struggle with believing what the Bible says sometimes. We want to believe it’s God’s Word, but there can be doubts that nag at us. Can miracles really happen? If they can, why should we believe some of the stranger miracles in the Bible, like a talking donkey? Why would God leave enough uncertainty around what the Bible says that people can come to such different conclusions about it? Even if we believe that the Gospels report some true things about Jesus, how can we be confident that we should believe everything  the Gospels say? 

Today, cold-case homicide detective, national speaker, and bestselling author J. Warner Wallace joins me on The Natasha Crain Podcast to discuss these questions and more, in honor of the release of the updated and expanded version of his modern classic, Cold-Case Christianity

NOTE: If you listen to a lot of podcasts in the apologetics/worldview space, you’ve probably seen that Jim is doing a lot of interviews right now on the release, but we intentionally focused here on a different subject (how evidence changes the way we process doubt) so it wouldn’t be a repeat of what you’re hearing on other podcasts. In other words, you aren’t going to want to miss this! We talk about a LOT of interesting questions.

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