Who Are You to Judge?…and Other Claims That Christians Are Arrogant

It’s been a while, but a NEW episode of The Natasha Crain Podcast is now available!

Today I’m answering several different claims that are popularly leveled against Christians in the course of cultural discussions. On the surface, they sound like very different kinds of claims, but underlying them all is a common theme…that if you hold confidently to a certain viewpoint, it means you’re arrogant.

In this episode, I walk you through how to respond to charges of moral arrogance (“Who are you to judge?”), epistemic arrogance (“Who are you to be so confident that you know what’s true better than others?”), and biblical arrogance (“Who are you to think your biblical interpretation is better than mine…or anyone else’s?”).

Jesus wants us to be humble, but we can misunderstand the nature of that humility and start to believe the world’s claims that we’re being arrogant about things that we’re not actually being arrogant about. If we aren’t clear on this subject, we can end up sinking into some kind of naively humble place that’s actually a lack of boldness rather than true humility.

As a reminder, my new weekly joint podcast with Alisa Childers (The Unshaken Faith Podcast) is in full swing! Every Wednesday, we post a new 15- to 20-minute episode looking at cultural issues from a biblical perspective. We’re 5 episodes in already:

  1. American Girl and the Trans-ing of Kids
  2. Does the “He Gets Us” Campaign “Get” Jesus?
  3. TikTok and Toxic Theology
  4. Is Jesus Woke?
  5. How Churches Slide Into Progressivism

And finally, we JUST announced the location for our next Unshaken Conference (with Alisa, Frank Turek, and myself)! We’ll be at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills on May 6, and tickets are now on sale. We’ll be in Nashville on November 4 (tickets not yet on sale) and a location yet to be announced in September. I’ll be sharing more on those locations in the next few weeks!

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