Win a Scholarship for Your Child to Attend a Life-Changing Christian Summer Camp

Win a Scholarship for Your Child to Attend a Life-Changing Christian Summer CampA few months ago, a blog reader sent me some information on an atheist summer camp. I was fascinated to read all that they are doing to promote an atheistic worldview with their young campers. It immediately made me wonder how Christian camps stack up. After all, about 40 percent of all U.S. teens have been a camper at least once at a religious summer camp—making camp a perfect opportunity to give large numbers of kids an understanding of why there’s good reason to believe Christianity is true and how to defend their faith in a secular world.

To find out how well Christian summer camps are imparting that critical knowledge, I Googled “Christian summer camps” and visited the websites of 100 camps across the country. I spent hours going through those sites to see what they offer and shared the findings here. If you haven’t seen that post before, I highly recommend you read it in its entirety, but the bottom line was this:

Out of 100 camps, just TWO explicitly mentioned anything related to teaching Christian worldview in the context of other worldviews and how to engage with our secular culture. It wasn’t their focus, but at least it was part of the program.

The rest focused on things like “wholesome Christian atmosphere,” “exciting Christian campfire programs,” and “enthusiastic speakers.”

At the end of that post, I noted that there are two fantastic programs for teens that actually focus on equipping kids to engage critically with other worldviews: Faith Ascent’s Base Camp and Summit Ministries.

With summer around the corner, I reached out to these camps to see if they would be willing to offer scholarships to readers of this blog.

I am thrilled to say that both have agreed to generously offer you the opportunity to win a full scholarship for your child to attend camp this summer! Each one is hosting a short essay contest to pick the winner(s).

Let me tell you briefly about each program so you can 1) figure out how to get your kids to these wonderful places this summer (or in the future), and/or 2) apply for the scholarships!


Faith Ascent’s Base Camp

Dates: June 26-30, 2017

Location: Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO (10 minutes from St. Louis)

Tuition: $400

Base Camp is 5 days and 4 nights of fun, fellowship, and intense preparation for the challenges and opportunities that college-bound Christian teens will be presented with. In a real college environment, camp instructors answer the toughest questions Christian teens are asking and being asked. Students learn from a diverse team of nationally known authors, professors, and qualified Christian experts.

Scholarship Opportunity: Base Camp is offering 2 full-tuition scholarships to selected students through a brief essay contest. Click here to apply! The deadline is May 26th.


Summit Ministries


Southern California: June 11-24

Dayton, Tennessee: July 2-15; July 16-29

Colorado Springs, Colorado: 7 different weeks throughout the summer

Tuition: $1400-$1600 (depends on location)

Summit’s two-week Student Conferences are designed to help students (ages 16-22) strengthen their faith, understand their world, and be prepared to make a difference with their lives. Top Christian leaders and thinkers train students in the classroom while the phenomenal staff team walks alongside and personally mentors each student.

Scholarship Opportunity: Summit is offering a full-tuition scholarship to a selected student through a brief essay contest. Click here to fill out the form indicating your interest in applying and Summit will send you the details!


My sincerest thanks to Summit Ministries and Faith Ascent Ministries for making this possible!

Friends, would you please share this post to spread the word about these incredible places and help others find out about the scholarship opportunities available?

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  1. Wow! Its a blessing to have bloggers like you.
    I wish I live in the US, would have love to take the opportunity for my boys.
    God bless you

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