Christian Private Schools: What Parents Should Know

Today I released part 2 of my episode, “Public, Private, or Homeschool: Thinking Through Your Child’s Education (Part 1).” In this part, I talk about the widely varied types of Christian private school options available to parents, breaking them into four general categories: progressive Christian schools, nominally Christian schools, committed Christian schools with a mainstream educational philosophy, and committed Christian schools with an alternative educational philosophy. Additionally, I answer questions listeners submitted online, such as:

  • How do you prevent your kids from being in “Christian bubble” if they aren’t in public school?
  • How do you discern if a “Christian” school is really Christian?
  • How do you prevent your kids from being jaded by the nominal Christianity they are likely to encounter with classmates at a Christian school?
  • What should you do if the administration and/or teachers at your current Christian school are leaning leftward?
  • How much does a school’s denomination matter?

I originally said I would also discuss public school in part 2, but due to length, I’ve made this a stand alone episode. Part 3 will discuss my thoughts on public school and is forthcoming.

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