Public Schools (Part 2): How to Know What’s Going On in the Classroom (Plus Q&A), with Andy White

In this part 2 of my podcast on public schools, my guest Andy White (who has been a public school principal for 19 years) explains seven things Christian parents can and should be doing to know what’s going on in their child’s school and classroom. In the second hour, Andy answers a dozen of the many questions listeners submitted on my Facebook page, including the following:

  • My friends that have their children in public school, especially charter schools, all seem to think “[their] school is different.“ How many of them actually are?
  • The current trend for Christians is “pull your kid out of government schools at all cost.” But some families still feel God has work for them in public education. How do you respond when Christians critique that decision as “forcing the burden of being salt and light” on their children?
  • How do you suggest parents deal with actual violence their kids are encountering at school?
  • Do you genuinely believe parents without degrees in education can provide a quality education for their children that will help them accomplish what they want to do in life and what God may be calling them to do? (I’m currently homeschooling my 5yo and sometimes feel like I can’t possibly be the best option with my lack of knowledge about teaching skills, tactics, methods…)
  • How do you recommend parents address their concerns when the school is resisting listening? There has to be a more biblical way to speak up at board meetings for example, without yelling/screaming, but still being taken seriously and not dismissed out of hand.
  • Much of public education these day is focused on students regurgitating the woke narrative in their written assignments. How can Christian students respond with truth in their assignments without being graded down for not regurgitating the party line?
  • What recourse does a Christian parent have when their child is placed in a class with an openly transgender or self-proclaimed social activist teacher?
  • To what degree do you think critical race theory has seeped into our schools?
  • Are Christian teachers able to somehow avoid government standards without penalty? (For instance, refusing to address sex ed topics, not using preferred pronouns, and not affirming gender fluidity)
  • What’s an important way those of us that homeschool can/should be supporting our local public schools?
  • What encouragement do you have for those parents whose kids will be staying in public schools for one reason or another, but wish they weren’t?

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If you missed part 1 of this episode, you can find the information on it here. (Definitely listen to part 1 before part 2, as it frames everything we talk about in this episode!)

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