Public Schools: What Christian Parents Need to Know, with Andy White

Back in June, I started a three part series on educational choices for Christian families. The first episode was called, “Public, Private, or Homeschool? Thinking Through Your Child’s Education [Part 1].” In that show, I talked about several principles every Christian parent should consider when thinking through their child’s education, and then I shared my thoughts on homeschooling in particular.

Then, in August, I did a second part to this series called, “Christian Private Schools: What Parents Should Know.” I presume the title is self explanatory.

Today, I’m thrilled to share the final part of the series…this one on public school. My guest today is Andy White, who has been a public high school principal for 19 years and is also a Christian. He has a wealth of inside knowledge on the public school system, which he shares in this episode to help Christian parents whose kids are in public school understand what concerns they should be aware of and how they can respond. I personally learned so much from Andy, and I know you will too.

And even if your kids are not in public school, you should understand the system and what concerns Christians have today. I recommend listening to this episode no matter where your own kids currently are (or even if your kids are grown or if you don’t have kids but want to be equipped to share this knowledge with others in your community!).

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