Talking with Your Kids about Jesus Video Curriculum Now Available for Pre-Order!

I’m thrilled to finally announce that the Talking with Your Kids about Jesus curriculum is available for pre-order (releasing October 12)! I say “finally” because the curriculum was originally supposed to release about a year ago, but due to Covid restrictions on filming, we had to delay things for a while. But it’s worth the wait!

The Talking with Your Kids about Jesus book equips parents to have 30 must-have conversations with kids about Jesus given the challenges to Christianity today. Sections include 1) the identity of Jesus, 2) the teachings of Jesus, 3) the death of Jesus, 4) the resurrection of Jesus, and 5) the difference Jesus makes. You can see a full table of contents, watch the trailer, and read endorsements here.

The newly available Talking with Your Kids about Jesus curriculum is a six session video series with Participant’s Guide that highlights a selection of key subjects from the book. The curriculum is in a format that’s perfect for small groups, adult Sunday school, parent ministries, grandparent ministries, or Sunday school teacher/youth leader training. Sessions (about 15 minutes each) are as follows:

Session 1: The Art of Family Faith Conversations

Session 2: The Identity of Jesus—Is Jesus God?

Session 3: The Teachings of Jesus—What Did Jesus Say about Loving Others and Judging Others?

Session 4: The Death of Jesus—What Did It Accomplish?

Session 5: The Resurrection of Jesus—What’s the Evidence?

Session 6: The Difference Jesus Makes—What Is a Christian?

The Participant’s Guide and DVD can be purchased individually, or as a kit complete with both items and the book. Additionally, the videos will be released at the same time on Right Now Media (a streaming library of over 20,000 videos that many churches subscribe to). If your church has access to Right Now Media, you can use the videos there and buy the Participant’s Guides separately to go with them. Check out the trailer below:


Click here to pre-order the full kit, with DVD, book, and a Participant’s Guide on Amazon, and click here to order it on ( is offering it at a significant discount!).

Click here to pre-order individual Participant’s Guides on Amazon, and click here to order them on

Click here to order the six-session DVD on Amazon, and click here to order it on

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